2002-08-26 05:40:30 ET

You are Gonzo!
You're a bit loopy, and many people have trouble figuring out exactly what you're supposed to be. You take pride in your eccentricity and originality.

muppets rule. i really need to talk to Graham. Went to wonderland yesterday.. it was great fun! i'll write later when i know what i am talking about

2002-08-23 12:25:29 ET

how do you do that lunk thing.? where you type like 'this girl' and when you click on it, it brings you to their page or a page...


Let my eyes cry
2002-08-23 10:52:56 ET

I saw the most awful sight today. A girl about my age (14) was street bound. She was sitting against a building with her head in her lap bawling her eyes out. she had no shoes . All she had was her shorts and a t-shirt. She sat a bawled. Then some lady came up to her and tried talking to her. The girl just sat there crying. As we drove by. I bawled my eyes out. This life is so incredible. my family life has damaged me. it is not a family. it is all lies. i feel so shameful and dirty,

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