first day jitters
2002-09-03 18:41:47 ET

i was late for the first day lol it was so great. work sucks.. and i'm under sever stress. its so weird. i'm having anxiety attacks at work and at home. its no good. i don't get how people can have a husband and kids, a job and a house to run. they must be super people!

went downtown it was so great. ordered a new book *Please Kill Me* its gonna be great!

missing graham
i wore my kilt .. damn i looked so good today!


2002-09-01 04:17:20 ET

Okay so i didn't go away. I went over to Graham's last night! it was great fun! I missed him so much! and he was so tired! And I met his Grandmother, she's so awesome! She talks non-stop. And then Graham's family was making fun of him.

School starts in about eer..... 2 days! I am going downtown today hopefully. that'd be great fun.

no ones home. scary. its quiet

2002-08-31 03:19:48 ET

okay so i'm going away today going to Glencoe yee-haw! literally.. i'm going to ride horses this trip is costing me 70 bucks plus expenses.. I am so upset that I won't be able to see Graham unless he gets home around 11.. I promised that i will be here when he gets home.. and i am going away. but ash needs me up there. and i am coming back. and i still miss him. hopefully he calls.. bwah!

*Gives everyone at SK a big hug* i will miss you guys!

talk to ya on monday!

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