2002-08-10 13:14:48 ET

well i'm not being kicked out of my house.. my grandmother settled down.. for the time being.. my little sister who was recently ripped from my arms and taken to texas called today.. i noticed the uneasiness in my fathers facial expressions when he was tlaking to her today (on the phone) i miss her so much. i wish there was something i could do.. but of course there is nothing but embrace each day as it comes..

ryan my ex-boyfriend called me today.. yesteday he told me he loved me.. but today was so uncomfortable.. he was talking about how i was the definition of beauty and so on.. so i hung up on him.. my brother told him i was dead. what a day.. i need a milkshake and a kiss from *Graham*


2002-08-09 16:41:46 ET

I realized tonight that i like cold showers. i feel creative.. yet i don't know how to express it just this instant...hmm

2002-08-09 08:23:20 ET

Hay there.. so yesterday i came home late.. not too late just about twohours or so late.. and my grandmother wants me out of the house.. she hasn't conversed about it with my father yet i am sure.. of course my father has the final say.. but i've got a bad feeling that i will be street bound in a matter of days... not kewl.

graham called me today.. he sounds so depressed.. its been a week since he's been gone.. three more to go.. i wish there was something i could do today.. but i can't. and he's so worried that i'm out with other guys and cheating on him.. but i would never do that.

i miss tayler so much. i am so conflicted about it.. tayler is my little sister (8 years old) and a week ago.. her mother took her away to texas.. i miss her so much.

maybe tomorrow will be better

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