Funny Children...    2003-11-02 15:33:07 ET
"You don't even know anything about Christianity!?!"

"No I don't... but I do know enough to exploit it."

Where is that from?

 I'm so confused yet still moving...    2003-10-28 14:08:43 ET
What am I doing?

Where am I going?

Why do I want to get there so fast?

Why aren't I doing more?

Why do I pride myself on doing so much?


 Oh man...    2003-10-27 09:24:06 ET
I have got to say that The Early November is one of the best bands I've ever heard. They are incredible... I have always liked them but I just had to get convinced a little so I decided to check out their new album "The Room's Too Cold" and WOW!!

I am a huge fan.

 Whoa...    2003-10-26 09:11:51 ET
I saw the New Texas Chainsaw Massacre lastnight at 1:00am...

Freaky as hell... that's one of the scariest movies I've ever seen so kudos to the director on that one. They did a good job.

 The world won't spin without you...    2003-10-22 22:30:45 ET
I'm amazed you're standing still
I'm taking my kisses back from you...

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