My pen is working furiously    2005-05-05 09:51:27 ET
Here's another poem... man do I like this inspiration when it comes.

"You've Got Something In The Corner Of Your Eye I Think It's Me"
Press your lips against mine and I'll steal away the silence
Just like I always do, like I've always wanted to
And it's just that I dream unlike anyone you've ever known you know
So look like you don't understand like you always do
There's just no faking what's inbetween and one day you will agree
We can fall and crawl apart in our own losing corners but you will one day see
That memories are for the making and I'm planning on taking up most of yours
My words may shock and scare you but you know as I do
Life is a tie between hope and loss and love is the winning score
And I'm not sitting on the bench for this a waiting substitute
No I'm better than that, better than number 2 with a vengeance
My hypocrisy and commentary is just a sign of the times
And I'm the pop of your culture, the collar on your future
Confidence in a glass would just finish you off and I've got enough for two
So with a little courage in the air I think I'll recite all my best lines
Cuz preparation is the cure for a broken heart and the itch of rejection
Blinking back the doubt and it's already too late for backing out
And I'm talking about you, I'm singing about you
Reciting the greatest lover of my generation
"Do you like dreaming of things so impossible?"
Cuz I'm as impossible as they come

 You know that feeling when you rediscover something amazing?    2005-05-04 17:22:44 ET
I was listening to Saul Williams again today and totally heard this track I hadn't heard in so long. The track I speak of is off of the Blackalicious album Blazing Arrow called "Release" featuring Lyrics Born and a Zack de la Rocha loop and it's just incredible. It starts with this real nice beat and this tight rap from Lyrics Born I think and then it breaks to Saul doing this recitation... simply amazing. Here's a part of it...

"Inner breathlessness, outer restlessness
By the time I caught up to freedom I was out of breath
Grandma asked me what I'm running for
I guess I'm out for the same thing the sun is sunnin for
What mothers birth their youngens for
And some say Jesus coming for
For all I know the earth is spinning slow
Suns at half mast 'cause masses ain't aglow
On bended knee, prostrate before an altered tree
I've made the forest suit me
Tables and chairs
Papers and prayers
Matter versus spirit"

Now there's a lot more but that part is what pulls you in and the rest just pushes you over the edge. It's a beautiful thing rediscovering something like this.

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 A song for the morning after...    2005-05-02 21:16:07 ET
So I wrote a song and I am guessing it will be obvious of what it's about. It's been a while sense I posted something so I'm thinking this is a good one to restart my addiction to subkultures.

"(no title yet)"
I hear the sound of your breathing next to me
A string to my finger begging me to remember
Will the morning light be my guide back into my mind
Beg yourself to and I will hope for an answer to it all
Is this wrong cuz I've never been one for being right
Like a scribbled note written on the wall
I can't wait til you open up your eyes so bright

Ready and waiting for the next words to form on your tongue
I'll just sit and watch and wait and wish for however long
It takes time to stay this young and hopeful
And I'm aging by the minute

Reality means that you can't pretend your way out, this time
That's the taste of bittersweet on your lips when you awake
Take this regret for what it was when you are alive
One day you will cling to the moments when you weren't in your right mind
This is as real as real gets
When the moment comes for the decisions we make to come to be
We can learn something or we can learn to accept what time forgets
I'm reminding the sun of the time the cock crows
Like a bugler to the walls when the enemy finally shows
And your not showing

And I'm ready and waiting for the words to come and go
Like they always do and will forever and ever more
Sing the lines of "Never meant to be and never again"
We don't have to play those games when it's all said and done
You know this as much as I do

It's only an addiction to believing you are wrong
It will all be over soon
You know you like it
I can see it in your eyes
Just open up and accept it with the moans and the sighs

I'm not trying to argue here
I'm just hoping to hold you close
I hope it's clear


     2005-03-24 07:29:45 ET
Ooof... midday after my birthday...

way too much tequila...

oooooof again... i'll put up some pictures.

 Happy Birthday to me...    2005-03-23 04:23:35 ET
I FINALLY TURNED 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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