Carlyle Group    2004-11-02 08:13:36 ET
If you want to learn some truth about Bush you need to watch this Dutch Documentary and be enraged.

Carlyle Group

 Saul Williams... Video for List of Demands    2004-10-24 19:56:22 ET
I want anyone who is willing to check out this video and meet the man, the artist, the activist and the poet that is Saul Williams.

List of Demands Video

 Wahoo... I'm sure    2004-10-20 20:03:26 ET
Well I will have to say that Jimmy Eat World's "Futures" is everything I hoped for and more. They really really did a great job on this album and it's one of the most beautiful I have ever heard (well behind Sigur Ros but you get the point).

Here's something I wrote...

"is the definition of existence but an error in a chemical reaction that allows me self-introspection of something greater than, larger than, more beautiful than, smaller than, or nothing more than myself before the theater of me and i waiting for something other than this seamless acting in the most beautiful of tragedies... i know that we all die... a goodbye... not an if but a when and then the end... and this puts my mind at ease... this interval between start to finish is mine for the taking, deciding, dividing and i conquer... this destiny is the wind and i am but leaves in this tree that is life... does my being begin when i sprout springing forth from the bough, the branch... or on the gliding flight through the air to the ground... and if so... am i ever truly alive if i never make a sound..."
-the pugilist diaries

 It was a close one...    2004-10-19 04:04:22 ET; color: black;">
You preferred Kerry's statements 44% of the time
You preferred Bush's statements 56% of the time

Voting purely on the issues you should vote Bush

Who would you vote for if you voted on the issues?

Find out now!

 "Make them open the request line and let selection kill the old."    2004-10-17 20:21:20 ET
Oh Jimmy Eat World... I do wish it was Tuesday already so I could buy your album.

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