So this [thefacebook] thing...    2005-01-10 15:29:22 ET
I've been looking up some of my friends from highschool and it's weird. All the people look pretty much the same except they (in the words of Joan Cusack) have "swelled".

I hope I don't swell anymore than already. I would not be so small anymore.


When someone finds you on this thing and they want to be friends the facebook people send you this e-mail...

"(Person who knows you) has requested to add you as a friend, but before we can do that, you must confirm that you are in fact friends with (said person)."

HAHAHAHA... I can't wait til some mean person from my past requests me to be added to their list as a friend and I can firmly reject their request. They'll be sorry then... the bastards.

 the Stiletto Formal    2004-12-26 19:35:55 ET
"I’m a fallback, I’m your failures, but you are the one I would die for."
-the Stiletto Formal

Man... I have been finding these really badass bands over the last 6 months and this is one of them. Definitely check them out.

the Stiletto Formal

P.S. They have two hot chicks in the band and one plays electric cello...


 Head Automatica    2004-12-20 20:49:02 ET
"You want a medal for the things you've done
but if you really did a damn thing
we would've gave you one"
-Head Automatica

I love this CD... it's freaking incredible. I mean I adore GlassJAW but Head Automatica is just so good. It's tough to not want to dance... wahoo.

"I see a preacher with a secret
And he dare not make a sound
I see the smoke and fire
And the market burning down
I see a tulip on the grave
Of a lover who confessed
I'm a soldier and a poet
But I'm a dancer at best"
-Head Automatica


 I opened the window and the bird flew out...    2004-12-08 11:27:01 ET
I've tied my shoes up tight and buttoned my coat against the cold
Hollowed out a passage in the ice to find a way home
A way to live…
A way to die...
And all I want is to be WHOLE for just one night...
For just one time when you want me and I’d be ready
Willing to change our past
Into our future…
Into our chance…
And I’d be at your door to keep you warm
Hold and keep you close
And let you know that we can weather the storm
We can weather the storm.

     2004-12-05 22:04:39 ET
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... okay I like this guy.


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