2003-04-22 13:03:44 ET

Still no internet at my casa. Soon.

I've been doing a lot of shit lately and I love it.

Saw AND MET Mikah 9 down in Newport beach! That man is fucking beautiful.

Bunch of other shit. Can't really discuss right now 'cause I'm at the college and I need to do important stuff. Not that this isn't important.


Errr...what happened while I was away?
2003-04-15 12:57:35 ET

What the fuck is this I hear about SK shutting down? That's terrible news! Is there any way this can be avoided?

I'm on my sisters computer. There's still problems with my hook-up. This whole SK thang is bothering me. How will I communicate with my friends on this site?

Anyways...here's my email

GANJABEANS@HOTMAIL.COM. Write me with anything.

A lot of shit has been going on, but I really don't have the time to talk about it. I hope this site stays on its feet long enough for me to return with a long gushy entry.

Okay... =(
I gotta go.
Peace. Keep in touch.

2003-04-07 10:26:28 ET

My access to the internet has been cut drasticaly due to complications with my roomies comp, so yo, I love you. Be back ASAFP.

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