2003-05-06 14:31:20 ET

This is the greatest singles ad I've ever seen (culled from OC Weekly):

"POOR, TALL, PRETTY blonde SWF, seeks similar young, tall, kind, poor, man, 20s-30s."

I think that's the most charming thing I've read in a long time. God bless that girl.

Horny men
2003-05-06 08:30:36 ET

"the heat is on...put your joint on cruise...try to rush, you scuff your break shoes - Just cool and relax...take a breath, take ten paces back."

My goodness...the nastiest man as-of-yet (I ain't even tryin' to find wood to knock on at this ungodly hour [10:00am]) tried to get in my panties yesterday. Fuckin' mexican guy, 30-ish, is tryin' to tell me that he needs to have conversation with english-speakers 'cause it helps him understand the language better. That's all good, aside from the fact that he was talking to me almost fluently, save for an accent. Guy kept touching my shoulders and shaking my hand and getting in my way, asking for my number and trying to get me to go the bar with him. I probably would've gone, but I was already late for work. Plus he was hella disgusting. I mean, like, I don't understand. Do I look easy?

I'm tellin' y'all, these adult guys ain't got no muthafuckin style. They're always like "Oh...don't worry 'bout that..I GOT MONEY..and I can afford to get you drunk..TRUST ME!" Some guys are straight up tryin' to impress me with their cash. WACK. I don't give a fuck though...Someone wants to buy me lunch and beer, fuck it. I always feel like I'm having lunch with a teacher or some semi-important authorative figure, then I remember that this man wants to have some nasty gay sex and is actually trying to charm me. Fuck that. Adults stink.

So, once again, I empathize with all those girls who others may say "lead people on." Fuck that...it's not the girl who's leading anyone on, it's the boy/man leading himself on. If someone is insessantly trying to buy you shit, why not give the idiot the time of day and let him buy you lunch? Thing is, these guys DON'T STOP. They hassle and hassle and wont shut the fuck up until you give them what they want, which I never do 'cause, like I said before, they're older 40-ish men, and that's gross. I hope I'm dead before I'm 40.

Horny men suck. I stay reserved...and get nowhere.

YO, I'M TOTALLY GOING TO BERKELY/OAKTOWN...last weekend of this month.

25 hours
2003-05-02 09:41:04 ET

Being the stoned passenger in a car flying on the freeway at 2:30 a.m. listening to the new Autechre album 'Draft 7.30' is the best. Autechre is like the most beautifully intricate music I've ever heard.

My friend took me to this bad-ass diner that's open "25 hours." I had an omelet at like 3:00am this morning that weighed, like, 11 pounds or something. Mmmmmm!

Uh...so...god-willing, I'll be checking out Oakland and/or Berkely in, like, 3 weeks. My friend Josh (not roomate) is planning on going up there for a day or two and wants me to go. AND I WANT TO GO SO MUTHAFUCKIN' BAD! So, I'm gonna let my boss know today that I'm gonna request a weekend off really soon. Then I'm gonna check North Cali.

I really wanna make this happen...I need a break from OC and everything...plus this school sememester will be completed. It'll be a fabulous drive too, I know it! Josh is totally a person I trust at the wheel, especially when we'z smoking and listening to super-loud music. YES!!! THE 5 FREEWAY!!!

I've been enjoying compressed charcoal lately. I'm getting the exact line definition that I'm looking for. Form-wise, everything seems to come together in a broad-ranging yet minimal fashion. No specific details, just graceful, sensual gesture. That's what I'm really striving for with my art: grace and sensuality.

(I know you can't really tell by the drawings in my gallery...I need to change those...they're like over 5 years old. They're all I got on disk)

ANYWAYS...time to live. Peace.
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