2003-04-30 09:05:35 ET

I dreamed this archaic shit:

Hear to me, hear to them;
Hear to deafness since then when.

That was when my grandma and my great-grandma where discussing, in a light-hearted comical way, the draining mechanism for a tower, as in a tower that you might find on a castle.

Good dreams. But I got bitten by a spider as I stood around a bunch of new Marine recruits who where engaged in prayer. Is this a bad thing?

Today is a good day.

I just wanna add this quote from Dali 'cause it's worded so fucking well...
2003-04-29 06:43:48 ET

In reference to Gala's power to cure, Salvador Dali was healed..."solely through the heterogoneous, indomitable and unfathomable power of the love of a woman, canalized with a biological clairvoyance so refined and miraculous, exceeding in depth of thought and in practical results the most ambitious outcome of psychoanalytical methods."

I think that's fucking awesome. I'm gonna bust shit like that next time I'm in love with someone...which I'm anticipating sometime in the next life. Maybe later.

I'm still grooving on a slow, blue, somber note. Eyore-steeze up in this.

Goodness gracious...I need to travel via Metro bus every opportunity I get. I'm getting pretty tired with Orange County. It's nice and really pleasant and has a lot of cool people, but still, it's not the tempo I need. I need something more like a hardcore-breakbeat. Orange County is straight-up guitar-rock.

I want to move. Fuck. I wanna live in Los angeles.

"It may all end tomorrow or it could go on forever (in which case: I'm doomed)"
2003-04-24 18:12:53 ET

Ladies and labias, it is my pleasure to announce that I am back on thy internet. AND IT FEELS SO FUCKING...anti-climactic...but yo.

Hmmm...interesting day. Lots of travel, which I like very much. I've learned the way of the bus systems outside of Orange County, something that I am very proud of. I now feel as though I can get to a lot more places.

And I hung out with Jessica (aka Psuedo) for about two seconds. No...that's not true, but it felt like two seconds. Actually, I'm feeling really sad right now. It's so hard to activate things instantaneously with people who live so far away. They're like right in front of your face for only a minute and you just want to swallow them before they run away. I can't swallow her cause I'm not like one of those snakes who can eat a donkey, but I would definately try. There was no time, no time at all.

I don't give a fuck though. Jessica could have said "I can only hang out for ten minutes" and I still would have gone through the effort.

I saw an old friend of mine too...this one girl named Roxanne. Really random shit. I was at the bar inside of Applebees (a shitty hellhole of a 'fun-spirited, family-oriented' restaurant) drinking a martini and she was just right there with her grandma-ma, who kindly offered to buy me lunch. Fucking awesome.

Anyways. I'm gonna drink a lot of beer right now 'cause I feel really blue and don't know what to do. Woe. Tons of woe. A whole fuckload of woe. So much woe that even the entire earth couldn't hold the woe.


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