2003-05-17 12:17:32 ET

Nothing happens until it happens, and many things happen on behalf of planning/calculation. Many calculations fall short. I have a hard time uncrypting the calculation of optimism.

Sometimes everything seems frivilous.

2003-05-14 19:53:19 ET

I'm trying to learn "Fur Elise," for 3 reasons:

1)because that's my final for my intro to Piano class

2)because everyone IN THE WORLD knows how to play it besides me (and I want to be like everyone else).

3)I didn't want to learn "the Star-Spangled Banner," and there's two reasons within the 3rd:
1)I don't want that information in my brain
2)Fuck the word 'Spangled.' That word sucks.

Thank you.

2003-05-12 12:06:22 ET

I'm about to punch a couple o' these Orange County greyhairs. I hope you know what I'm sayin'. I was at the local train station last night seeing my best friends Erika and Josh back to San diego. And...like, this one punk bitch walks by me sayin' something whimisical like "jez...hope I didn't leave my wallet (somewhere)..." right? Like, some meaningless shit...so I respond with a "blah blah" kind of remark...like something equally whimsical and playful. Then motherfucker responds with a turned face "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU!"...and I'm like thinking 'what the fuck?' So, I call him a 'punk-bitch' and he keeps walking and etc...
...thing is, I should have punched him in the face.

Let me tell you one thing...I'm sick-and-fucking tired of receiving this type of treatment from older conservative pussy-ass Republicans. They don't have the goddamn right to approach my existence like that. I'm not looking for people to bow down and pray for my ass, but I deserve a little respect.

So, that's the last straw. I've had a couple of public confrontations with strangers within the last year and I'm tired of it. Next time the person's gettin' a nice nuckle sandwich, and that's my word.


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