2003-06-04 07:39:50 ET

I don't know how anyone can sit and watch TV for more than 20 minutes. That shit is so fucking stupid and annoying! I mean, TV really fucking sucks.

Sometimes I give TV a shot. I say to myself "hey, it's been a couple of months, why not watch some TV while I eat dinner," but that shit don't last. Motherfuckers on stupid fucking commercials talking all sorts of nonesense to me, trying to attract funny is that? It's's fucking dumb. I'd rather watch a dog relieve itself on a tree. Or watch snails fuck. There's spirituality in that.

TV reminds me of how fucking fake beauty is. FUCK BEAUTY. The greatest commodities of existence are infinatly plentiful and beautiful beyond vanity.

Now we got reality shows where these people live out the ambitions of the populace of America who feel too inferior to 'the beautiful people' to pursue their own desire. They're too scared and too sad because they're not PRETTY, they're not BEAUTIFUL, they're not RICH, AFFLUENT, FUNNY, SEXY. They don't feel deserving. But those cunts on the television, they're deserving. They deserve all that they get: cars, fame, money, arrogance. They're allowed to have all that 'cause they're PRETTY. Fuck pretty. Fuck beautifuL.

So yeah, cop-out or drop-out? Fuckin' Drop-out, and proud. Pro-Proletariat.


Tell me why I DO like Mondays
2003-06-02 09:31:43 ET

Peace. Feeling peace. I'm gonna keep it like this for as long as possible.

I'm drinking some Passion Fruit tea. I just ate a mango, and now I'm 'bout to eat some muthafuckin' avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, all dat good stuff. Then, I'm gonna go to the library and read. And you know what I'm also thinking 'bout doin? Taking a pad of newsprint paper, sitting my ass down somewhere, and drawing some gestures. (Oh, and if someone reads this and it better to stretch BEFORE you eat or AFTER?)

You want to hear something you might find peculiar? I vibe on Mondays. Monday is probably my best day of the week. It is true that the majority of my Mondays are spent being hung-over and grossed-out, but when I have special occasions like today where I'm not hung-over, I feel really chill and really positive. So yeah, hopefully this state of mind continues throughout the week. I feel good. And I hope whoever reads this is also feeling good, 'cause it's good to feel good.

Yo, went to LACMA yesterday. Bummer 'cause the 'Anderson' Building was closed, and that's where all my favorite stuff is. Checked out an exhibit on Genghis Kahn, which is interesting 'cause I just started reading about dat crazy cat. I don't know though...interesting yes, but it didn't fulfill it's attempt at giving me a broad cultural perspective of Kahn's reign. The focus was largely on Iran and the whole middle east area, and included manuscripts and story-telling pictures as well as textiles and various objects of culture that came from that time. Still, I don't feel the job was completed as it could've been.

A very interesting thing that was totally disregarded was the level of terrorism that Kahn is renowned for. You pick up any other history of Kahn and that's what hits you first. On one hand I'm relieved that violence wasn't at all in the scope of the exhibit (because I think that would've diverted the real intent of displaying hundreds of years of material culture), but on the other hand I think something was terribly lacking in terms of the historical context that they provided. Violence, like in any history, has much to do with culture, beit a culture that has thrived for hundreds of years or a culture that doesn't yet exist. Violence and methods of power/control define a people as much as any other element. So yeah...that's my opinion.

Too much talking. Yo, once again, anyone who reads this...HAVE A NICE WEEK!

2003-05-28 12:12:08 ET

(This entry has been modified due to an over-supply of negativity. The editor apologizes)

Two good things about living in apartments:
1)Built-in Pool
...and a third for those Diet Pepsi fans out there:
3)vending machines

I fucking hate banks. I think I deserve a fucking plaque in honor of how much fucking money I've given Wells Fargo this year in over-draft penalties. I HATE BEING AN ADULT!

Me and Josh were swimming at the beach Sunday evening, and a fucking seal came and swam next to us! YAY! So fucking cute! I wanna hang out with some seals. It seems like they laugh alot! I just wanna hug one! I wanna pat one on the back for telling a good seal joke! They're so adorable!

Any-muthafuckin'-wayz, today's turned out to be quite fabulous, thanks to the pool, the 'cuzzi, and my dear friends. Now the brown sky of afternoon turns to an orange sky of eve, and though the cops are busting down a mexican in the street as I write this, I feel very optimistic. Sometimes I get so excited seeing, thinking and feeling this land of southern California.

I want to be close to someone soft and precious. Evenings give me this wonderful imagery (and yo, I'm not thinking of bunny rabbits, not that bunny rabbits don't provide wonderful imagery). It would be nice to feel such things in reality, but one cannot rush. One cannot become impatient or perverted or obsessive or self-destructive (the last being my biggest personal threat). Just breathe and feel content that such happenings do occur, even though such occurances may happen as often as solar eclipses, such moments with other people, people you love.



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