On a winter's summer day
2003-01-04 15:55:04 ET

Ahhh...isn't this global warming so pleasant? I could've sworn it was July. By the way, July is my fave month 'cause I'm a Cancer crab boy. And 13 is my favorite number. I was born on Friday the 13, 1979.

I'm feeling okay. I'm home alone tonight. All my friends are off to San Diego to visit my other friends who live there. I would've loved to go, but I'z gots to work tommorow.

What is it about somber emotions that feels somewhat comforting? To me, I feel a sort-of wholeness when I feel sad. I think it depends on the type of sadness.

*I cut out a whole mushy part right here in order to save time and cut down on expenses.

...I'm solitary. It's not like the best route of life for me or anything, but for the most part, I'm cool with and prefer being independant. There's just those certain individuals who really touch you.

But whatever.

I started skating again. That's part of my salvation. Sounds really cheesy to most, but whatever. It's another form of art that I dable with. Just like cooking. Or like taking a shower. Or like walking alongside a busy mainstreet. Or thinking of great ideas while you're at work. Or hooking up stereo equipment. Or smoking pot, that-of-which I do believe I shall partake.

Peace to everyone who understands where I'm coming from, or can relate in any way. And peace to those who don't.


2002-12-29 19:08:30 ET

Awww...nuclear war. Finally N Korea says "Fuck you. You don't wanna give us the economic support you promised during Clinton? Fuck you." And let us just wait 'till Indonesia gets the hint. We'll have ourselves a nice little mega-world-war: U.S. vs. ASIA. I can't wait! Where's my drugs?

I'm gonna vomit. Fuck all this shit.

Ironic that I live in Orange County, a perfect place to throw a bomb at. Irvine would be preferable. Doesn't matter anyways...we gonna fucking die of cancer 'cause of the MTBE-ridden water everyone 'round here drinks and bathes in.

Ahhh, but there is a certain emotion which accomadates this feeling of hanging on the brink of absolute destruction. An undeniable glee, waiting to define what "pain" really means.

My friend once told me, while I was rolling on some fucked-up exstacy, that the mountains don't get taller, the valleys get deeper.

There's beauty in all things. It may be hard to argue that anything is fundamentally ugly. It's all art, it's all composed, and it all fits into proportion.


2002-12-27 11:37:01 ET

Ahhh...another meaningless x-mas passes by like a busted-ass 1986 orange-colored Toyota Celica with no muffler cruisin' at 38 mph down a dirt road in the middle of a totalitarian country somewhere in the middle of Africa.

My roomate got a PS2 with Grand Theft Auto 'Vice City.' That's the greatest video game I have ever experienced in my life.

I got some clothes, some books, some gift certifates, some other shit. I had a nice time with the folks. I got drunk and stoned two days in a row. So, all in all, it twas a merry Xmas.

Still, I had to tread land in the desert from which I came. God, that place is like fucking brain-damage. I hate it there. I don't want to return to that desolate asshole of a city for at least 5 months.

Hey, I'm trying to imagine some New Years resolutions. Any ideas? So far I got quit smoking (again), drink less (uhh), smoke less pot (not sure about that one), exercise at the gym, and skate. I haven't skated in like 3 months and I feel like a total loser.

Okay. So. Uh... I'm gonna try to think about constructive ideas today. Like building a house or making some art or 3-D rendering. My brain's been quite stagnant lately. Need to juice it up.

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