dilemma (kind of)    2002-10-18 07:15:13 ET
had a great night last night w/insomnia, anima infirmary, digit, and biomechanic... but now im playing hooky from work for the 3rd day. the first day was b/c i stayed up till 2 am debating whether or not the person i've been seeing & i will stop seeing each other.. it was very emotionally draining, and then my mom called crying about a bunch of shit i can't change that she chose to get herself into... was on the phone for an hour... and yesterday i didnt go to work because i ended up stuck with a friend who was very sick & couldnt drive me home as planned.. not that i minded at all b/c i care about this person a great deal but still, i didnt go to work. then i went out to have some fun last night with the kids.. couldnt sleep after i got back (probably like 3 am or so)... and once again, woke up late & didnt go to work . now i may need a doctors note.. and dont know what to do...

i have it pretty sweet, i work in grand central which is really convenient for visiting my friends that live upstate, out of state, etc.. plus its a great location, easy to get to from anywhere.. but things arent going as nice at the actual job as i had wanted.. they've stuck me with doing bullshit bank teller work (only because they fired a bunch of people) that i haven't been trained for and i'm terrified of. I"m not a teller: i'm sales, and i suck at being a teller. i'd be lot less stressed of a person if i didnt have to account for the wherabouts of $16000-20000 every day. sure, they're paying me more for doing significantly less but its the principal of the goddamn thing, you dont hire me for one thing and then stick me doing another..

okay so thats what i'm SUPPOSED to be doing there but they're dicking me around getting my appointments to sell through. which means i have extra credentials and yet am making no more than someone working at tower records, virgin, etc (which i might add are ALL hiring for the holidays) ... i'm about to ditch all the stress and do something boring and dumb again... sure its my fault i'm not coming in but even if i was coming in they'd still be dicking me around with my life/heath insurance license... i've turned down other job offers in the meantime.. bah...

besides, i think i need to re-think whats important to me in life etc... if i'm going to do something i hate i'm going to make good money doing it, goddamn it.

imma go develop the pic's from last night now.. other than my job, i have to say that i am overall, pretty happy with my life. which is a rare statement for me to make, and i have no one to thank but my friends.

 hehehe    2002-10-17 17:25:42 ET

 R0X0R    2002-10-17 16:58:40 ET
yay!!! DIGIT and ANIMA INFIRMARY are in the city at W2Zone along w/myself and Insomnia and Biomechanic... its all rainy outside and we jest came from Generations records despite the fact that we are dirt poor.. i played hooky from work today to take care of my sick friend (okay so maybe i just didnt wanna go to work) and am now descended upon by these neat-o cats from CT. its really quite disgusting, we're all wearing the same boots. im not quite sure the public knows what to make of us, and poor Digit looked like he was ready to stab someone on the 6 train... They both look like upstanding young lads with much to contribute to society and am pleasured at having made their acquaintance. PLUS i got presents .. free Scission and CY:RX cd's... i really am the luckiest girl in the world!!!! we also went and got pizza like a big happy family! it was the best!

and a certain totally awesome rivet stud muffin taught me how to link things from my page in HTML.

and i'm 1/2way done w/my 'which ex boyfriend are you' quiz..

today was a good day.

AND our roommate situation is about to change, with the scummy dirt punks being kicked out... that makes me very very happy...

this is the text that is underlined.

 need help    2002-10-16 07:51:04 ET
okay i want to make two online quizzes...

a 'which Vasekauskas Orphan are you?" (our apartment used to be a german bar called vasakauskas..and we have 6 roommates. the questions are going to include things like: Are you Smelly/? Do you eat nothing but peanut butter? With a different girl each night? Does the BIOS password protection on my computer piss you off? etc)..

the second quiz i wanna make is 'Which of my Ex Boyfriends are you? *this promises to be the most spectacular one, and i look forward to plenty of hate mail*.

Unfortunately, i dont know java script (i THINK those things are written in java script) is there an easy quiz making site thingie? i found one but it was kind of confusing...

thanx -dbD

 this place rocks    2002-10-16 06:23:21 ET
okay not to be a cheerleader for something ::again:: but what other cybercafe will play wumpscut's 'deliverance'...

and yes i am playing hooky from work...

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