moment of beauty #1    2002-10-25 19:26:16 ET

**written in my journal shortly before picking up digit and anima infirmary from grand central**
Bryant Park, NY NY

Against my better judgement, I have forfieted cybercafe to try and work on a storyline. A man in a suit and a tan trenchcoat and his five year old son are running like maniacs around the field in the middle of the park. The electric green of the grass is an exclamation point in the mildly stated grayness of concrete structure.

The pair tear across the green, circling around each other, falling to their knees and giggling. He picks the child up, legs flailing and swings him around, the child squealing with joy and after they stop, dad holds him tight as he whispers some amazing secret into his father's ear. The man looks so relaxed and utterly happy, as if the suit he's still wearing is just the last scrap of a bad dream. They're pretending to be boxers and he lets th ekid, who is easily one third his size, pummel him into the ground before hanging him upside down by his ankles.

the cold October air numbs my writing hand and makes me feel slightly shaky, as if i just stopped crying an hour ago. i wish i had a camera right now. The thing that stands out the most about them is how tiny they are, isolated in the middle of this sprawling rectangle of bright green walled on all four sides by skyscrapers, caught in the middle of a formidable canyon of glass and steel. the pair are absolutely dwarfed by their surroundings, tiny specks of joy in the heart of this machine.

-it makes me realize that there is a reason for everything i do and everything i gave up or put up with, and everything i work towards. because, for a moment, it seemed like th ewhole reason for this city being built, for these man made mountains and the centuries of clutter surrounding them all worth it.. the veins and arteries of human energy pulsing at a dim roar in the distance, it all came together to form a stage of sorts in which two human hearts could experience what it means to fall down laughing in each others arm and know being alive.

Words cannot express such things, but words can try. The experience flashes bright as a photocopy lensflare and leaves a xerox afterimage of words and ideas in its wake. These words are the leftovers but not the light, the evidence but not the crime, the recorded, but not the real. In the face of Beauty, the words surrounding them fade and grow dim like the distant roar of the city as a child whispers a secret.


 second set of pics from birthday RivetCorp.. Scroll down for the first set    2002-10-24 19:14:57 ET
this just goes to show that GEEKS ARE SEXY.

abuse is sexy too. especially when its done by a guy in a business suit.

when will the slickness end....

some pic's from the meeting. we had to do it old school dry erase marker style (no microsoft PowerPoint, sorry kids)

aaaaaaaaaaand i guess this means i am *officially* the CEO. oh, the responsibility...


 RivetCorp Impromptu meeting .. with pic's    2002-10-24 18:21:07 ET
okay so ill make this is short as i possibly can.. yesterday was my 20th birthday and i invited whoever wanted to come to web2zone to play LAN games with me.. i planned a basically low key night, thought only 2 or so ppl would show up. so i get to w2z. and nobody is anywhere to be found. i wander into the conference room downstairs (office space conference room they rent out to businesses) and there's all my friends at a conference table *minus the few who couldnt make it or live in florida* ALL WEARING TIES/SUITS. (for all who missed my bio, i have an enormous CORPORATE FETISH.) and there were 2 cakes on the table. and lots of vanilla coke! i should have known something was wrong when the other w2z employees looked guilty when i showed up... and whats more, there was a big sign pasted on the door that read "Lorraine Barcant: CEO!!!!" how fucking cool is that?? and there was even a DRY ERASE MARKER BOARD. so i did what any decent CEO would do and had a meeting!!! and proposed an agenda. Biomechanic kept wanting mass layoffs but i was more inclined to tackle the issue of our IPO. i picked NASDAQ. We also decided that some acquisitions were in order, including factories and hot sluts.

Rivetcorp: We're thinking global, and acting local.

RivetCorp is: DeathByDesign(CEO) Insomnia (Vice President), DasKreestof (Historian, Network Engineer) Doktor242 (Devil's Advocate) Biomechanic (Consultant), Venadium (telecommunications), Furax (psychological warfare, suspenders) , and the lovely, talented Azraeltrigger (Graphic Design) .

If you would like to apply for or change your position let me know.

afterwards we made KILLING on the komputer. we played Unreal Tournament 2. I got many many wonderful presents and was happy enough just to see my friends in what i have to wear 9-5... a list of presents that everyone got me will probably follow. i must also note that Biomechanic is extremely good at UT and shot us. a lot.

It was also my daddy's birthday. yup. thats what he got for my birthday. Me. and now, kids, the moment youve all been waiting for... pic's!!!!!!!!!
think i'll put em up 3 at a time...

*yes thats an sknet shirt**

<3's her friends... <3's them.

and the mastermind behind it all...Insomnia

I just want to say that i have never had a birthday party before. ever. and that almost all my wonderful friends *and a coworker too (!)* showed up makes me feel amazingly loved. i have to say that for all the extraneous drama thats been going on lately, once again my friends rock. and i have reached a somewhat contented state of equilibrium here in new york... thank you to everyone who showed up, or thought of it, or meant to... you guys r0x0r. i mean that.

<3 -

**more pix in a few minutes**


 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111    2002-10-22 18:42:39 ET

now we go to diner and KRUSH ALL HUMAN

 product placement    2002-10-20 13:06:52 ET
the following is flyer design i'm doing for Web2Zone for the late night lan/gaming parties (unreal, quake3 etc) that occur there occaisionally. they are going to try an overnight lan party and needed flyer design so here it is. the only thing is that it has to be approved by BAWLS *the caffiene energy beverage sponsoring it*.. last time i was shot down due to profanity (sleep is for pussies; not gamers was the original text) but this will hopefully do it.

the only thing i didnt like doing was the blatant product placement as it made the picture feel slightly awkward.

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