i took the red pill    2002-10-20 09:56:01 ET
last night i made ferocious stompy on the gravers at Albion/Batcave. *props to Insomnia for making us pasta beforehand... they played maybe 6 songs that were good.. okay maybe 8.. someone came up to me and said 'oh my GOD. you're jersey-stepping aren't you?'... if you dont know what jersey stepping is its hard to describe, but it is clearly the superior kind of stompy dance, and rare outside of new jersey. i felt all warm and fuzzy like i was part of something bigger than myself for about half a second.

thanks to Furax and Biomechanic for making sure my inebriated self didnt get into too much trouble, and thanks to Azraeltrigger for calling me earlier that night *that was a nice surprise btw azrael feel free to call me whenever you're bored.. brooklyn reprazent* also great thanks to azrael for enabling my inebriation to begin with as i am as always short on funds. ("oh my god. this is the best beer i've ever had in my life.")

i got a ride home from Mikey and the Borg... drove the Borg home to Jersey.. it is so beautiful out there.. all abandoned factories etc... it was actually the highlight of the night getting to drive through it *yes i know i'm sick* for more on my feelings about jersey & the industrial aesthetic go here


i made up some LIES to speed up the roommate situation remedying *more info see Insomnia's page...

Trying to get organized.. i have several things to do today... most of them creative, which means i'm postponing them as long as possible... two of them require drawing (which i used to be good at but am now terrified of) and one involves music *see also: fear of drawing*...

I picked a tentative date to take my SAT. if my score is high enough hopefully Baruch will overlook that my application will be arriving a tad bit late.

::listening to / gridlock - 5.25::

**btw azrael sorry i tried to say goodbye b/c someone offered me a ride home around like 3 or so and i wasnt sure if i was up to taking the subway. i looked around for you but i guess you disappeared*

***also FURAX i really mean it thanks for showing up last night it was really good to see you again.. i mean that... I MISS FURAX!!!!!!!! 'you dont miss me baby you just miss my tokens...' *in jokes r0x0r*

 and this is how i ended up in jail... (once upon a time at an sk. meet)    2002-10-19 08:19:57 ET
it started out subtly

and then escalated (note the self-satisfied look on his face)

until i was a convicted child molester and couldnt move into a new neighborhood without soccer moms flyering it


 more pix *scroll down for 1st and 2nd set.. of mini-sk meet*    2002-10-18 16:47:38 ET

it was a rainy and cold Thursday night...

"This girl scares me..."


 MINI - SK MEET PIC'S SET #1 (more to follow)    2002-10-18 15:28:51 ET

now this is just cute


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