Art trends.    2003-10-20 19:29:36 ET
Tomorrow Iíll rake back my painting I did for the contest on September; Iím thinking on giving it to our music teacher/director of the orchestra, I hope he likes it. Because Iím really disappointed on many of the paintings delivered in the contest, itís amazing how fucking horrible works some did and won, and how there were others with magnificent talent and didnít win anything. It was a painting contest, and yet there were many works that hadnít even paint on it, you know, all those modern art-object shit, itís so annoying; others were indeed paintings, but fuck damned, what a lot of crap on a canvas, really, since the contest was about painting something representing music I became extremely mad at the first winning place of the classical music category: It was a painting consisting in the left side painted like dark gray, the right side of light fray, and in the middle a stupid curved line of red... excuse me sir, you piece of modern/abstract artist shit of hell, but what in the name of fuck is that? You cocky retard fuck, what kind of hog-work is that? I had nothing to do with music! Less with classical music... maybe Iíd have accepted that for the crappy new age music category, but in classical? Come the shit on! There were a lot of bullshit works like that, which pissed me off when I went to see them last month.

And excuse me you all people followers of this mediocre art category, of this, modern art, pop art, abstract/object/new-aged art, but you all may burn in hell. I fucking hate it. Iím not sure of whoís the direct responsible of this stupidity, who started all the crap, Iíve heard of this guy Andy Warhol created this pop art... well then sir, with all my respect, you mar burn in hell, fucker. I just donít understand it. How come crap like his can be considered art? In the name of shit! Art? You know the average IQ is within 100 and 115, well, according to several studies on famous people, this retard Warhol has 80! This lame bastard! Hence another crime evidence: be stupid and youíre cool! Isnít that right all you jackasses and pop singers out there? Yes, be stupid but very extroverted and be rich and famous.

What has happened to the artists that cried passion, who strived hard for doing true fine art? Iíve always said that Art requires of Passion and Ability, if you Ėat first- donít have the second one, you try your best to gain it until you have. But now, any stupid figure and ink drops can be held as art, just saying it represents our so stupid state of mind... jus gather some noises, create new noises, repeat them together, all incoherent and voila! You have music representing other abstract bullshit. Unfortunately for this world, my woe is living with this 80 IQ artists, just make me admire more and more the true artists once lived, like one of my favorites and perhaps an idol: Leonardo DaVinci, universal genius whoís IQ reached 220.

 Gaz...    2003-10-18 23:06:53 ET
Since I started taking the course on music theory, I'm now understanding more facts about music, and I like it, either on an ugly song on the radio or a symphony, I try to listen how the music is done.

I was also about to rant a lot on abstract/modern/pop art, but I'm pretty tired now, so I'll leave for another day, heh. I wish I had my cd player fixed or had another one, so I could burn a cd and play it everywere like before... damn, Lacrimosa is true Gothic-metal, and Demons & Wizards good powermetal.

Heh, Gaz, is a cute name, cute girl

 Candles    2003-10-16 07:09:35 ET
So, today, Oct 16, is my birthday.

 To Think.    2003-10-10 21:20:22 ET
Lately Iíve been logging in only at weekends, sometimes because I donít have time but some other times just because Iím not feeling web to use the computer. Whatever, Iíll try to be here more often.

As funny as it sounds, many times it is quite a true statement: A conclusion is where you got tired of thinking. I remember that years ago I used to have moments, mostly at night, in which I started evolving a single idea into a scary or twisted philosophy, but I havenít felt like that anymore until some while ago within this week; again I felt like in the middle of everything or outside of everything... for strange that might sound I could think of it as one viewpoint of geometry, being inside of everything having the exact possibility to understand it as being outside of it all, of course going farther a two or three dimensional state, perhaps a mathematic theorem... and thatís just a metaphor to describe my fidget mind. Sometimes having a universe to think, having something to write, and barely having something to say. I ask myself since when the true knowledge was accepted as knowledge, that is, how come or since when did awareness become aware of it? When ever or how ever it happened, we have profs of that it hasnít died nor will die as long as it keeps transmitting from one to another aware entity, in this case, us, humans; but then again, the first question looks itself in a mirror... when will it end? When the universe comes back to its original form? Or just when the very last aware entity ends its own awareness?

Is all this really my consciousness? Well, as long as I my mind dictates my will, I can say so.
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 [sic]    2003-10-03 20:16:55 ET
Wow, it had been really long since I didnít update here again. Well mostly because I was nusy, I didnít even had time to be much on the internet either, barely turn on the computer.
Since last Sunday I got sick, but I was until Monday when I felt really bad: Headache, throat-ache, stomachache, flu, ...all that together is not good at all! But I was like that horribly dead. I started talking medications I start feeling better now, I actually I donít feel that bad now, just some occasionally headaches when I aim my head down.

On another note, I had been having troubles while burning audio cds, so I couldnít burn the Demons & Wizards album and one of Lacrimosa, I think the problem was something about the speed recording, so I lowered it and apparently it works well now but way too slow. Talking about music, sheet music to study and practice: itís a damn very, very difficult one to play, but in fact that melody was one of the reasons why I decided to play a musical instrument.

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