Doing and doing ...stuff.    2003-08-28 20:49:54 ET
Well, Iíve been trying to keep painting but sometimes I just donít feel inspired to, I think Iím also going to bee taking photos of it as Iím painting it, this is what Iíve got so far. Besides Iíll be going to the art institute all days starting from next Monday, the director said that if we wanted to really play with the camerata orchestra we should be having a diplomat on music so we can play better and thus Iíll be going there all days, which is something I like, I feel like this is going to make me improve in many playing skills hopefully.

On another note, from the book Iím reading about math-games and curious stuff, Iíve learned a trick to know a number someoneís thinking without directly asking the person, heh, itís funny cuz I can try to guess peopleís ages or similar stuff.

Other than that, I should be on bed now since tomorrow I have an exam at school, but itís just that it many I feel too boring going there, and specially with some subject I canít stand... well, whatever, letís see what happens.

 Violin teacher's gone.    2003-08-23 19:14:55 ET
So Iíve started doing the sketch for the painting, Iíll be painting a string quartet , 3 ladies and a man, though Iím note sure of how is it going to end up or even if Iíll have time to paint another one, I guess itís just matter of dedication.
On sad news, my violin teacher, Susy, finally departed, sheís gone to another city to study her career on music. Well we are going to miss her a lot, damn, she was the core of 2nd violins and a very good friend, always wearing appealing gothic clothes, a very good violinist and guitarist, weíll miss her in deed, but Iím glad for her because she can study properly the whole music scene as a profession. Another friend, Chels, is also going away for the same reason to the same place, and also another violinist is gone, three persons on total are away now, actually the 2 best violinists on our orchestra and a cellist. So itís our time to do our best here since theyíre gone. Oh well, Iíve heard that this happens with time, people come, people goes.

 Paint your music.    2003-08-20 18:07:34 ET
Itís happening again, I get distracted at school because of thinking of music stuff, and there are some teachers that are to obnoxiousÖ damn psychologist; I only enjoy being there when actually solving math or physics problems, yet itís annoying how many students donít understand so easy stuff, I mean, why the fuck did the choose an Engineering for career if they had troubles with math? Bleh...

Well, on a side note -and actually a very good one- guess what I saw on a wall? It was an invitation to all people for a Painting contest!!! And even better, the topic of it is called ďPaint Your MusicĒ, what else could I carve more than that? Iím definitely going to give it a try; tomorrow after school Iíll go straight to buy a canvass and oil paints.

 Tired    2003-08-17 07:10:23 ET
Itís been too long since I didnít post something here, actually long since I didnít touch the computer. Itís because I had been busy. As in the previous post I mentioned that now Iíve formed part of the ďCamerata M. PonceĒ and Iíve been having rehearsals all days from 7 pm to almost 10 pm, so I was kind of tired to log in and use the internet, besides I started classes at school again, so I had to get up earlier. These melodies of the camerata are way much difficult now. We had two concerts, one on friday, one yesterday, and still one tonight.

Anyway, I also finished drawing the cover in which my violin teacher and some friends appear on, I showed it to her and said it was cool.

 New things.    2003-08-09 20:03:06 ET
I was just watching Beetlejuice, kick ass.
1. I should be going to bed earlier because Iím back to school next Monday, but sometimes I canít get to sleep and end up going to bed at 3 or 4 am. What am I going to do? Mmh well at least I wonít have to be at school at 7 am all days, some days I enter at 9 am. Anyhow, I should try to go to sleep earlier.

2. As I had said before, I have terrible concentration for reading, so anytime I want to read a book I end up losing the lecture and rare times I finish it. But now I found a book my father took borrowed from an uncle, itís called ďMathematic ParadoxesĒ, the title got my attention, I saw the summary and Iíve found it quite interesting, though maybe the last pages Iíll lose concentration again because it seemed to have really strange topics, but for now can recall and found interesting and got me thinking was: ďIn a city 2 fathers and 2 sons go out from there, but the number of habitants only reduces by 3; how is this possible?Ē At first its sound quite strange, but with a bit of thinking you find out the answer, which already was in the book: ďthe 3 persons that came out of the city were a grandfather, a father and a son (relatives each other) which makes the grandfather and the father Ď2 fathersí and the father and the son make Ď2 sonsíĒ. Heh, that was quite amusing, and thereís more stuff like that in it.

3. Yesterday I didnít know why I wanted so much to draw, so it was, and I spend a bit more than 2 hours in a row drawing; Iím trying to draw the magazine cover in which some friends and my violin teacher came out. Iím hoping to finish it before my teacher leaves the city; sheíll be leaving perhaps in a week so she can study her career in music, sheís been an amazing friend, we (from the orchestra) are going to miss her so much.

4. Talking about the violin thing, the director asked today to help them playing 2th violin in their ĎCamerataí orchestra. You see, here where I take the violin classes, the director has formed like 2 orchestras, one which are the very good ones that plays for formal events or are hired for other events, that one is called ĎCamerata M. Ponceí, and another one a bit bigger in which he joined together the ones from the Camerata and the lower students that now have some experience (say at least 10 months playing), this one is called the ĎSinfonietaí and there is where I normally play, normally easier melodies, and now the director was thinking on passing other aspirants to the Camerata one, since 3 integrants (including my vln teacher) will be leaving in the following weeks, so he had chosen people from the Sinfonieta that are playing better now: one cellist, a violist and a violinist (me), that means that Iíll probably now be playing with them, which means now more difficult melodies and formal events, Iím excited about it, I hope I can do well on it.

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