Music is not as it's painted.    2003-07-16 21:28:28 ET
My violin teacher showed me the magazine in which she came out in the cover, I asked her of it because I was thinking I maybe could draw them but now that I see it, the cover is way too damn complicate, anyway, I can now show you all who is my violin teacher, Susy. From left to right: Josť Luis ĎChelsí, Susy, Walo.

In case the picture isnít showing, I have another one in the galleries; Chels plays the cello, guitar, electric guitar violin, drums, piano, trumpet, and I donít know if any other ones; Susy, is my violin teacher, she also plays the guitar, electric guitar, piano, and some of cello, Walo is Susyís boyfriend, he plays string bass, tuba, and elec bass and guitar I think. They are nice people, they do are some quality musicians.

 BloodLust    2003-07-12 20:44:18 ET
I went to sleep late yesterday again, because I was chatting with my violin teacher, but this time we logged off at 3 am, she told me that she came out on a magazine cover with her boyfriend and another friend, and I asked her if she would let me see it and maybe make a drawing of them on next Monday.

-----1. Today at morning we noticed the front of my our house with a bunch of eggs thrown at the cars and windows, with some signs saying a lot of bullshit and offensive shit to my sisterÖ Iím not really a family-love thing guy, so I donít care at all about what kind of shit my sister had going on with the people who do that (maybe she fucking deserved), but it does get me mad about the throwing eggs at us. At first I was thinking that if I found who were I would beat the fuck out of Ďem, but since I saw that the sign was written with obviously girl judging by the kin of letter, I donít want to get involved.
2. My mom told me that yesterday my grandparents were assaulted by a man with a huge knife, my grandparents run a small grocery store, the man stole my granddadís wallet and pushed away my grandma, she fell to the floor hitting her head and breaking her right wrist. My mom took her to the hospital, she stayed the night there for analysis, sheís ok now, just needs attention to her broken wrist. Again, if I had been the I would have liked to beat the crap out the man who did that.

-----My godmother, a close friend of my mom, need surgery of something, I didnít listened very well what bout, but she needed blood transfusion, and the hospital needed two donators, my mom told me about it and I agreed to be a donator; even though the surgery thing is tomorrow, the blood donation was today at morning, after having my violin classes at morning I went to the hospital, they first took me a sample for analysis, then after accepting me as a donator, I donated my blood. I was 430 ml of blood, a bit more than a can of coke, at first it I felt weird, I guess most of people would get scared by just watching the size of the needle used for extracting blood, but well, it was just a pinch the all the blood started coming out, it was, cool; after that, they gave me a ticket for a free meal just for being a blood donator, I ate and went home. I was also commenting to my teacher that it would be lovely if I could paint my violin with blood, heh, she also said it was interesting, like the Red Violin movie, though I havenít seen it yet, but oh well, maybe some other day.

 Andante ma non troppo.    2003-07-09 22:51:47 ET
Every time I want to write something here, I forget what Iíve thought previously.
Letís see, last week I stayed until 5 am on the Internet because I was talking to a friend, whom is my violin teacher, sheís such a kick ass person, we have some similar music tastes on power metal, and I was telling that it sounds cool calling her Susy instead of Susan because sounds cute, she being a badass goth girl with a cute name. Heh, well, thing thatís weird is that I went to sleep at 5:30 am and woke at 7:40 am... what the fuck?
Tonight, after it got darker, it was really heavy-clouded, it seemed like it was going to rain, but it didnít. Which reminds me, yesterday I dreamed that I was Superman! Yeh, superman, which is so strange, in any case if I wanted to be dc comics hero Iíd obviously be Batman; I love batman, though, I dreamed I was Superman, and I was flying, Iíve always dreamed of flying.

Due to my researches, seems that not many like music such Orgy or Deadsy, even for some people that know me in person would think that itís a strange music genre for me, but I like it, anyone know similar music? MmhÖ anyhow, I better go to sleep now.

 Cluoudy music.    2003-07-01 22:55:05 ET
I donít know whatís wrong with my internet connection, it just suddenly disconnects the fuck up, why? Fucking why?
Ah, well, so now that Iím at cello and piano lessons I got to say that I suck terribly at piano, I guess Iíll just need a lot of patience for it, perhaps Iím doing a bit better on cello.
Also, I made an arrangement of the Fugue in Gm of Bach, which is originally for organ I made the arrangement for string orchestra, now I just need people to play it. Oh well, Iíve been talking a lot about music lately again. I wish I had something better to say.

Oh well, letís see, the past two days have been all cloudy, which I like a lot, I whish I could live on the clouds, seems so fresh and dreamyÖ oh well, to bad Iím still stuck within this summer weather, fuck, I wish it already was winter again, or at least autumn.

 More instruments.    2003-06-26 23:10:14 ET
Well, on summer courses now Iíve also decided to take cello and piano lessons.
On the Piano I ought to say that I suck!! Yes, Iím terribly a shit-head at piano, ok, so Iíve just taken tow classes but I get so frustrated that I miss the keys and the notes and all, itís going to take a lot of patience certainly.
On the Cello, well, it was a bit more comfortable, because itís another string-bow instrument, only that this oneís bigger, so Iíll have to get use to the weight and the width of the strings, yet it patience will be another importance virtue here.
As for what it goes on the Violin, the lessons are getting harder; I spent about an hour with one lesson yesterday, but itís good, -again, with patience- Iíll improve on playing.
Damn I like music.

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