Another repertoire.    2003-06-22 21:18:31 ET
Well, well, on Sunday, had rehearsal from 1 to 3 pm, then at 7 had to be at the theatre because, we were having a concert at 8 pm, and so it wasÖ gulp, I did feel nervous at some melodies because the sound there is just too amazing, you can hear very well any you make with the violin at any corner, so that I played wrong some notes it would be easily noticed, and I did fucked it up, a couple of times, I think the audience didnít noticed it that well though, but I felt bad, I know I crewed it so itís my fucking fault, well, it wasnít really much, in one I played before the tempo, in others I just played the wrong notes, well I donít many noticed that, anyhow I know I fucked it up, I felt like that, but in general the whole repertoire went moderately well, not so bad but neither really good.

Iíll be taking summer courses for violin which means now Iíll be going to the institute daily, I know Iíll get pretty tired but, damn, I like playing, yet frustrating at times because some of these new exercises are really hard, not like those before, this ones get me more tired, sometimes I do think Iíll never get o make it that good like the other guys, but itís just this damn passion for fine arts that drives me insane.

On another note, TeRRoR's back, go say hello to her.

 bleeding ink.    2003-06-16 05:46:58 ET
A few days ago I sat infront the desk, listened to some music, grabed a pen and tried to draw something, ...resulst: I'm losing practice!, damn I was there for like an hour doing lots of sketches, drawing really messy lines and figures, I got really desperaed I wanted to throw all the papers and destroy everything around me. So next morning I felt a bit inspired again I tried to draw something just to see if I could rescue any drawing skills, so I had patience and just drew this image of a like imaginary friend or muse. I don'd know if it looks good or not, maybe it sucks as well, but at least looks damn better than when I sat in the desk.

 just blah...    2003-06-09 22:15:13 ET
I've never had and will never haver good concentration when reading. I get distracted very easily. I see how mane people say they're readoing a book or something, and I can't, my reading concentration is way to loose. Maybe if people printed novels on the back of cereal boxes I could read them better...

I need music suggestions, yeh, anyone, yeh, anyone here on come and tell me 3 or 5 songs you think I should listen, go tell your buddies to post here music recomendations here, I need to listen at something...

 Danger: beware of society.    2003-06-08 21:02:58 ET
Yesterday, was quite exhausting, I went to my violin classes like all Saturdays on morning, then I had the rehearsal with the orchestra and we finished at like 3:30 pm, then stayed there because we were going to have a little concert at 7 pm, so in the meanwhile I stayed there talking with the others; specially I enjoyed talking with one girl, a friend thatís very kind to us all. Well, then we was going to play but in a near town so we got on a bus, the travel was took about an hour; inside the bus all started Ėagain- doing noise and all that shit, like the other times I had mentioned. We arrived there, played, had a dinner, enjoyed talking with them and stuff, and got back to our city at 11 pm. Eh, I need to practice a lot more.

After all that amazingly a lot of depressive thoughts came to my mind, lots and lots. I felt so damn weird, even in the bus when no one was noticing me I felt like suffering for not being able to laugh naturally like them, Öis it a fact now? Every time I spend a while with more than 4 or 5 person at anything I feel so down, I wished I lot of things, I write here mostly to try to take out my feelings, Öno one that knows me in person knows me as I write in here.

 I like to chew ice cubes    2003-06-01 19:30:06 ET
Today I went to buy two Cds, it had been long since I didnít buy any, really long.
I spent about $55 in 2 great Cds: This and this, extreme joy for string instruments.

The sad news, is that TeRRoR is gone, damn, she was one of the best members at, she kicked so much ass, well Iíll miss her.

Well vacations are close and Iím thinking on taking summer curses for improving my way to play the violin, and/or perhaps try a new instrument. Also, Iíll try to keep drawing more often for not losing practice because, a while ago I was trying to do something and, shit, I suck so much, I really need something to be inspiring meÖ what I desperately need is to see, yes, just watch a girl with black lipstick, just that, can someone please me with that, anyone? For my drawing sake? Mmh.. that or just something nice to draw, like black hair.

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