I Need muses to live.    2003-05-24 22:15:25 ET

I was now realizing how similar I found the fact that I canít write well expressing moments but I can came up with lots of ideas when Iím not able to write to the fact that sometimes I canít seem to draw something unless Iím truly inspired or having an object as model to draw on. Itís like sometimes, at my bed I occur with many ideas that I feel like writing them down, but when I sit either with a piece of paper or in front of the computer I canít seem to write anything. Then the same itís been happening lately with drawing: Iím walking by the street or Iím on a bus and see thru the windows or just watching the tv or a movie, I see people, figures, and I want to draw them, but then when Iím in a desk I canít recall exactly how I wanted the figures and such unless Iím watching something inspiring meÖ Iíve lost practice.

 New artwork    2003-05-17 13:09:12 ET
I have now finished a drawing I started since December of 2002 but I couldnít finish it right away either because I was busy, I got distracted very easily or because I preferred doing something else, like practicing with the violin or just slacking off. But here it is now. I called it ďBeauty StudyĒ for giving personal viewpoints of beauty about gothic-related. Anyway, two other interesting facts of this is that I scanned it 4 times while it was in progress from the beginning to the end of drawing it, so you can look at how did I start it and how it ended (this is another reason of the ďstudyĒ); the second interesting fact is that I took borrowed the background from somewhere elseÖ heheh, can someone guess it? Please some guess it! Iíll tell later anyway. Well thatís all I hope someone likes mi art, if not, youíre very welcome to tell me how much I suck. Thanks.

Study 1 Ė Study 2 Ė Study 3 Ė Study 4 Ė Beauty Study


 Back to drawing with earphones.    2003-05-13 19:07:40 ET
Well, I for some while Iíve now been listening to some Cds: Therionís most recent album (I think) "Secret of the Runes", which is really a good example of metal, symphonic metal. Also from Theatre of Tragedy the ďVelvet Darkness theyĒ fear which has a deep gothic dark sound in it, very enjoyable too; still listening to some tracks of Opera IX, and downloaded a few tracks of a group that my violin teacher recommended me: Rhapsody, itís seem to be like power metal and has a lot of medieval ambient to it; and just some other random tracks of several artists. But even with all these above, Iíve finally made one great playlist which I burned to a Cd so I can listen it, itís been really time since I didnít found such great tracks to make a very perfect playlist:
1, 2, 3. Bach Ė Violin Concerto in E major (bwv 1042)
4. Bach Ė from Violin Partita No. 3 Ė Gavotte en Rondeau (bwv 1006)
5. Sarasate Ė Ziguenerweisen, Op. 20
6. Sarasate Ė Carmen Fantasy (arr, from Bizetís Carmen)
7. Bach Ė Double Violin Concerto in D minor (bwv 1043)
8. Paganini Ė Violin Concert No. 2 ďla CampanelaĒ
9. Bach Ė from Violin Partita No. 2 Ė ďChaconneĒ (bwv 1004)

Definitely one of the best playlists Iíve ever made to myself to listen. Making a total of 80 minutes of music, all good tracks, and like the dessert, leaving the best for the end, a rally excellent melody ďchaconneĒ, if youíre curious to know, itís one of the best pieces ever written and you shall listen to it to understand why, go download it!! Now!!!

On other news, as I had said before, I didnít have much time to keep drawing but I recently started drawing again so Iíll finish a drawing for this weekend perhaps. Yep, finally Iíll have something to update on my galleries.

 Bad timing.    2003-05-09 19:30:39 ET
Iím always either misplaced or mistimed on everything. At day when Iím on classes I feel with much encourage for playing violin but I know I canít, then when Iím on a bus or by the street I want to draw something. At home when I have time to do homework I donít feel likely to do it. When I start reading something or working on something else I feel so damn sleepy; when itís time to go to bed and sleep itís many times when I feel sort of energetic and feel likely to do exercise but I canít because I now I need to wake up earlyÖ the thing is that whenever I feel so likely to do something Iím not in good conditions to do it. Fuck, Iím misplaced at everything.

 What's after a torment?    2003-05-05 18:45:28 ET
Iíve been feeling way too depressed lately; I think it started just when the concert thing started as wellÖ itís just that Iím not very used to be within so many peopleÖ and wanting me to talk. I donít know, Iím not sure if this is going to pass by sooner or later, well at least just right now I donít so depressed like the past week, in which I felt really dead-fucked. Just before this I was feeling kind of normal, like apathetic or jus singular, but with this thing happened about the concert thing I decayed so bad. Hopefully This week will be calmer and Iíll try to feel better, I got to see the guys of the orchestra until next Saturday, so itís like a rest dealing with the children but a missing of be with at least two or three nice people. Strange.

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