Staccato    2003-05-01 20:05:13 ET
Well, finally, I had the chance to ‘come back’ to in a while. The reason was because I was very damn busy. Today is barely a few minutes of being Friday. Anyway, here it goes:

Like I had said before, we (the orchestra I’m playing in) were playing have rehearsal for a concert about nursery rhymes for the children, plus in these concerts we would be joining with another orchestra from another state, and so it was. Last Friday we first did a little rehearsal on late night then left at approximately 1 am from Saturday to go to their city to join them and play. So everyone were so playful and a lot of chattering going on in the bus… and well, you know, me like always being the black sheep, was kind of quiet at first, then though a girl kind of started talking to me because they wanted to hear some scary tales and such shit, but I didn’t know what to say, so I guessed that like all believers always seem to be kind of afraid to non-believers I stared talking about something of Cain and they immediately asked if I was a Satanist, …heh, it was kind of hard to convince them that I wasn’t, but they, or at least she (because the other ones started losing interest), finally understood that I don’t either believe in God or Satan, that I preferable don’t believe in any animistic purposes such as souls, ghosts and all that crap. Well, so she kind of started looking me weirder now, although because I had also told them some shit about the Masquerade facts of vampirism and a bit of Elizabeth Bathory. The girl was about 14 or 15 years old I guess; I think she finally guessed why I like wearing black; she got bored and started talking with someone else, so I then took out my cd player and listened music. A while later I got the chance to chance the place was sitting and got next to my violin teacher, Susy, who was talking with other two friends. She also then started to talk to me, and then we were the 4 talking, 3 guys and my violin teacher, we had some nice talking, though it was already like 4 am now and we got calm until we all slept a while. Finally, at like 8 or 9 am (Saturday) we got there and were installed in this really fucking cheap motel, …mmh… ok, just to be sincere, I’m quite a modest person many times, so I was doing much haggle for it, but all of them and I guess most of people in general wouldn’t like a motel like this one, which was very simple and the last rooms were in really bad conditions, it was stinky and had some bugs and roaches. We left out baggage there and went to have some breakfast, had a rehearsal, than had some spare time, had another rehearsal, and went back to the motel; later night, the ones we were above 18 bought some beers and staid in the ‘ugly’ room talking for hours about all the shit going on in the orchestra, either of their orchestra and ours, even our professor staid for a while. Anyway, so we keep talking until some left and the 6 of us last there telling jokes; we were 5 dudes and again our violin teacher laughing at the shit we were joking, too bad her boyfriend couldn’t came with us, he’s a cool guy too, it would’ve been nice if he were with us there but he had some job issues and also some works to do because he’s now finishing his career. Anyway, it was now like 4:20 am (of Sunday) so we went to sleep, yet I decided to took a fucking bath, yes, taking a shower with the lights off at 4 am is so delicious… well shit what could you wait form me? So I got to sleep approximately at 5 am. We woke up at 7 or 8 am (Sunday), had breakfast, had rehearsal, then had the first concert at midday, went to eat, had some spare time visiting the city, had the second concert at 6 pm and at finishing immediately got on the bus to come back to our city; so we left at like 8 pm, and again on the bus, a lot of chattering from the children… yet I barely got to sleep about an hour in the bus cuz I was constantly waken up by all the noise and shit. Fuck, so we got back to our city at like 3, almost 4 am of Monday, and everyone went to their respectively homes, to do, guess what… sleep? Well fuck so I got to sleep at almost 5 am. At fucking 6:45 of Monday I woke up and went to school (cuz I start classes at 7 am). In almost all damn classes I why like a fucked up zombie, I bare could move, my hands shaking couldn’t write well. Finally at 1 pm came back home to take a shower and to motherfucking take shitty damn sleep! Woke up at like 5 pm, did some shit, and went to sleep at like 11 pm… that’s just a wow for me since I hadn’t slept at that hour in a long time. Fucking tired weekend it was; from Friday to Saturday slept about 2 o r3 hours, from Saturday to Sunday slept about 2 hours, from Sunday to Monday slept about barely one hour… do you think I wanted to rest? I wanted to be death…

So that was the last weekend: ‘We went there to play music with them’, now it was going backwards: ‘They were coming here to play music with us’… that is: we were the hosts, yay, how fucking emotion, I’m so exited, yay, yay… please drag me to hell again fucker. Well yet on Tuesday I had a test in school which I think I sucked ass, then at evening had another rehearsal and then study because on Wednesday I had another fucking test which I also felt fucked up on it. Also, this day, Wednesday, was the day which the orchestra from there was coming here and we were having 3 concerts: one at midday, another at 6 pm and one more at 7 pm. I couldn’t assist to the first one because of the school issues, but I joined back to the other 2 ones. Then we were having a last concert on Thursday at midday, and mostly all of us are not having school classes until next Tuesday. So I also could assist to the concert of Thursday. Anyway, as I was saying at the end of the last concert of Wednesday, we had dinner at the house of the family of some of the little girls in our orchestra, which was hell of fucking huge house, …house? it was a seemed a fucking saloon or some big shit; well we had dinner, then some if us went to the motel where the visitor orchestra staid in, which was hell of big fucking difference from the motel where we stayed… us in their city had a fucked up motel while they in our city stayed in very damn good comfortable hotel. So we went with them to see if could get some beers again like the past weekend, but we didn’t have much luck on it due to it was a day in the middle of the week, and not many places are open to buy the buzz. Yet, this time my violin teacher’s boyfriend was with us, we didn’t get to do anything, so everyone went home. Now on Thursday we were having our last concert at midday like I said above. So we had it and then again went to the place of these little girls to eat, then had some spare time, while some people went like-touring one place of our city, some of us went to a snack bar place to finally had some beer, even though I wasn’t really in the mood of drinking, I ordered a drink called ‘electric lemonade’. We stayed there for some while talking… ehem… talking, well… I think barely I was noticed … fuck… I was pathetic, you should’ve seen me… I barely grinned at some of the things they were talking, I felt horrible (again), I think I did give them a really bad impression of me… I’m now not so sure they’ll invite me again to any of this shit, now I’m not even sure if they like me… damn me to hell…well, they were talking again about the orchestra and such shit. So it was now like 7 pm and had to go back cuz they now had to leave to go back to their city. Well, so they left and a few of us remained in the big house thing with out professor talking about all of the shit that went on. Then some few ones came back to the Institute were we normally take our music classes and rehearsals. Finally I went home, and in the way I was talking also with a girl who’s home is in the road to mine’s; we talked a little still about the whole thing… believe me, with shit like this went on, you have a fucking lot to discuss. Anyway, I got home, drank a lot of iced tea, took a bath, and here I am… practically dead.

Shit, I just wrote ‘what happened’ on all of this, but I surely could write the same length of how I felt or what I think of this entire happening… maybe later… maybe.

 A Quote.    2003-04-22 22:09:10 ET
Just a quick one. I read some very very very nice quote (to me) today and I just wanted to posted:

"The wise one embraces silence. The fool can be heard for miles."


 In the floor.    2003-04-21 22:44:31 ET
I have two weeks of vacations, this is the second one, I should be doing other stuff but lazy bastard I am… ok, I’ll see what can I do tomorrow. I’m glad this place isn’t being shut down. There’s quite nice people here.

Well, just some while ago I was finishing an arrangement of the Gerudo Valley melody so I could play it and practice it on the violin. It’s a nice melody. Also I’ve been downloading more classical/baroque music lately, and I was just thinking seriously that in some years after finishing my career I really would like to study music composing… it’s not that I have left my taste for goth/metal music I still love it but just these days I’ve been feeling like this, who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll be listening again all the regular dark or heavy music.

Oh, and another thing, if it wasn’t enough with having a cat, now my sister asked to have a dog, and so it is, we have a puppy who’s name I chose, we call her Anubis.

 Sweat without moving.    2003-04-17 20:47:29 ET
Well it’s been a fucking hell of temperature, damn, it’s freaking hot this weather that I sweated while sleeping and woke up… fuck this weather, alas is spring, and that means something else: people wearing sandals… uh fuck, how I wish there was some giant object blocking the sun … or at least something that lowered the intensity of sunrays like those uv glasses but that covered the whole city…

Well I’m not exactly sure when was it but it was around these dates that I joined this site a year ago and everybody has read now that it’s possible to be closed, so uh, I can say that I’ve liked it somehow, though never got to be like the popular sk.neters around here posting a lot and meeting a lot of people… well, whatever, that makes me more unpopular non-mainstream fuck. o_O

Yesterday there was, again, a way incredible beautiful moon on the sky. It has such awesome moonlight it made me want to become insane or jut fly over the clouds. Tonight it’s a bit cloudy, so it’s not showing like yesterday. But I’ll try to remember it that way and try to write a poem or something later…. later.

 Slow hands.    2003-04-14 20:20:24 ET
I just saw Robocop on the TV, it kicked ass, it’s a great movie for their time and I think it still is even better than many so-called sci-fi movies from now days; of course I talking about the first movie, the other two aren’t as good as this one, besides one thing that took my attention was the background music, the Robocop theme, because it sounds very well orchestrated in spite that many sci-fi or futuristic movies seem to have like techno-like soundtracks, but this Robocop uses quite noticeable orchestrations.

Oh well, a note to self: My room is a real fucking mess! Shit, it’s all messed up, I do need now to get all in order or I’ll start loosing stuff all around.

One thing else that I need to whine about is that I’m such a fucking lazy ass or I’m just way too slow at drawing, cuz I started a drawing since December and I can’t seem to finish it, I spent about an hour to add the shades of an area of about only two in². Mmh.. I don’t know if this really is going to a bee great drawing or not, but I do am getting bored of it because I already finished all the figures, now it’s only about shading, I think I once showed a preview of how it was going, but I’m not so sure that it will end as good as I thought, specially because as I said I’m kind of getting bored and wanted to draw new stuff of I’ll lose practice drawing figures.

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