OSIM concert 2    2003-08-03 21:20:34 ET
Just a few hours ago I went to a concert performed by the OSIM, the same orchestra I went to see at Mexico City now came to our city, more than one hundred musicians of 10 to 15 years old playing the same repertoire from one week ago except for the ‘Adventures Suite’ one replacing it by the Poet and Peasant Overture from F. Suppe, a popular melody I guess many have heard and specially that one was conducted by our orchestra conductor. I was great to hear 55 violins, 20 violas, 20 violoncellos, 6 string basses, 7 flutes, 6 oboes, 6 clarinets, 5 bassoons, 7 french horns, 8 trumpets, 8 trombones, 3 tubas, 7 percussions, 3 harps an 1 piano altogether playing such beautiful music.

I could say a lot about but for me it’s many times hard to say it with words. For example, me and a friend were agreed that there was one girl from the first row in the 7th sit that was playing really low, she wasn’t very good, though from the same first row on 1st and 2nd sits were a guy and another girl who were playing very damn well, too good both, and couldn’t forget to mention the first of the cellos, a Korean girl, so cute but damn she is good, really good, she played with such easiness, it looked like it was a game, and thus she was ‘playing’. There was also this girl that took my attention; she was very cute, she reminded me of the little girl I met when went to Dallas, this girl had light brown hair to her shoulders, somehow short height, quite slim, a very adorable face wearing glasses and braces, and a hat that made her look even cuter, she was about 12~13 years old, and since they all were dressed wearing casual clothing –a long shirt, jean pants and tennis shoes- she was looking very adorable, besides for being there she obviously played better than me, she did play well; those are the kind of persons I feel honored to admit they’re way better than me even being just kids. Awh, the whole concert was fantastic, I adore this kind of music.

Returning back home, I felt so energetic about this thing that I couldn’t resist to take out my violin from the case and started practicing etudes and repertoires, I lasted about 2 hours playing here, I got tired, but damn I’m enjoying music every time more and more, I was thinking, perhaps, if I had entered the music scene about 7 or 10 years ago I’d truly have found my vocation. But alas, to this age I’m likely to like lots and lots of stuff, yet theses late months I’ve been more into music.

 How am I doing on music now?    2003-07-31 22:24:44 ET
I don’t know if anyone remembers this and this thing I had I year ago about I had to do like a sort of audition to see how was I improving on the violin. Well, I’ll be doing it again, but this time I’ll be playing the cello! Heh, cool, something different but nice, well I’ll also be playing violin, but I’m not sure what to play I haven’t decided, I was thinking on maybe the Godfather’s Love theme or the Mario Bros. theme or maybe a movement from the first cello suite by Bach arranged for violin, I can’t decide, We’ll see later.
Oh and I don’t care how geeky this sounds but I’ll be downloading the whole album of the Zelda Ocarina of Time Soundtrack, all the 80 tracks, and if I get to find the Zelda Majora’s Mask I will too, I wsih I could but them but I’ve barely seen them on internet for shipping imported. One day I’ll buy them.

 Osim concert    2003-07-28 22:06:10 ET
In case I hadn’t mentioned before, some younger musicians of our orchestra we asked to forma part of the OSIM, which is an orchestra formed by people under 15 years old, so they had been at México City for a week and a half now doing rehearsals, then finally they had their first concert on Sunday, and we went to see them playing, so we went there only for Sunday and got back today on morning.

-Something of what I felt strange was that during the trip, on the bus when was at night and we all (or many were asleep), my violin teacher –when asleep- had her head on a pillow that was put on my right shoulder… and you know... even when you know she’s only a friend, you like her as a nice person and such, it was irresistible of smelling her hair... having her head close to me ... just reminds me of perhaps how close can I get to anyone... anyhow, in that moment I felt really depressed, depressed like thinking in lunacy stuff, dying and such... I don’t know if I shall be now more coldhearted or soften a bit with people...-

The show totally kicked as! Damn kids are very good musicians. The melodies they played are as follow:
Alberto Ginsatera – Two Dances of the Ballet “Estancia”
Sergei Profokiev – Montagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet
Carlos Chavez – Chacona
Bizet – Carmne Suite
Graciela Agudelo – Adventures Suites
José Pablo Moncayo – Huapango
Arturo Márquez – Danzón No. 2

I liked them all except the adventures suites one, I did dislike that one. The others were just fine, well, perhaps the Carmen Suite was just a bit faster than usual. And for example, the Montagues and Capulets is a I’ve liked a lot before, it kind of has a gloomy and dark feel when listening it, and now I heard it live, it totally rocked out. The Huapango was damn well performed, excellent piece, and the last one we were expecting to hear was the Danzón No. 2 because we’ll be playing it as well soon. If anyone interested in listing it, you may download it here (8.72 Mb), it’s a nice piece too. Very difficult, but you need to either listen very well each of the instruments or read the score sheet music to understand its great composition complex. Anyhow, the concert was great, I wish I could play like them or within people like them.

 Kinky dream?    2003-07-24 21:41:45 ET
Today I commented to my teacher a dream I had some weeks ago:
I once dreamt that she, her boyfriend and another crazy girl called Kathy, all from the orchestra I’m in, they wrapped me in one of those shirts for demented people, they wrapped me also with some ropes, then left me hanging from a ceiling… I was hanging upside down; they where like moving me back and forth, I don’t know if I felt more like a drunk bat or a piñata… anyway, I’m not sure how does this sound I remember I liked it! I was enjoying it... ha, say... am I kinky?I commented that to Susy and she laughed a bit. Then also told her some dark-humor jokes and also made her laugh a lot, making someone laughs feels good.

It’s strange, I hadn’t post here for tow days in a row. Oh well, so I’ll keep posting dreams (like done before) or weird things if nothing else occurs to write here.
Oh... and thanks to her, my new nickname is Death! ;) yup... here comes Death to you.

 late nights...    2003-07-24 00:05:59 ET
I haven’t had much time for drawing again; these days I’ve been connecting to the internet all nights, and I used to draw mainly at night, I do want to keep drawing, I even thought of painting musicians or something, but I’ve been slacking a lot. I go to bed at 3 or 4 am, wake at 10 am, then either play violin or go somewhere else to use cable-speed internet, then having the violin lessons at evenings, then coming back home, and keep download music from internet. Heh, fuck, I am going to break something, or sleep in a closet, whatever ...why the fuck am I so fucking boring? … I mean I could write plenty of things about music (about because of the violin) but surely no one would either care or understand </geek>... ...mmh… I need something amusing ... perhaps, start reading the dictionary or something would be interesting... Would it be interesting if I only posted my dreams? I’m such a dreamer.
Where has SiS been?

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