another day another waste of time...2002-09-13 11:53:58 ET

Today I got a letter from you . It had a peice of gum in it, I think its laced with anthrax. Also some beads , a sticker a saftey pin and a unicorn eraser! Thank you.
I'm still waiting on a letter from = you .I hope it gets here soon.

I'm going to AJs today, when ever my mom gets home from work. I have the highest grade in my science class 97% . And today they upped my dosage to 30 mg. I did some laundry. I started on my Science homework. I got ninas title to her car to take with me up to Hyndman.

hm..2002-09-12 13:50:36 ET

If I had a penis....

I'd be a man.

the sickness has set in...2002-09-12 10:07:20 ET

I'm sick. It sucks. I ate toast this morning. I was fine. Drank some Kool-aid threw up. Drank some tea later on was fine. Ate some chicken noodle soup threw up. What the fuck!? Last night I was freezing, and this morning I was too. I kinda am now. But not as bad. I feel like crap/ Woke up this morning and felt like I was hit by a bus. I had no energy at all, like some force had drained me off all energy while I was asleep.I had little engery now. I'm getting sleepy agian so I'll probably go back to bed soon. I hope I'm better by tonite or tomorrow morning, cause I'm suppose to go to AJs tomorrow and I also have an appointment with my psychiatrist. Ah! I'm cold agian. Damn it. Well I think thats all for now. I'm going to lay down agian. I'm so miserble and grouchy today.... its sad..I hate being sick...

Ooo..2002-09-11 18:11:38 ET


You are a muse.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

I love...2002-09-10 18:44:38 ET

..this picture of

I think its great..well I'm going to bed now..nite.. I think I'm going to go cry..

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