fuck!!..2002-09-10 18:04:23 ET

Fuck this shit! Clay just came back AJ had practice with him last weekend, thats why I couldn't go down. Well we made plans for me to come down this weekend, cause I haven't seen him for 2 weeks...3 weeks if you count not being alone. And now hes making this plan where I stay friday, than he gets rid of me ssaturday to pick up clay so clay can stay and they can practice! I fuckin hate it! I hate the fact he has a band, and I'm always put second seat to his band! It may sound selfish but I hate it! The reason I hate it, is because of the above reason! I wouldn't have made plans if he hadn't asked if I wanted to come down this weekend! He tells me how much he misses me, but then it seems that hes gunna get rid of me as fast as he can, can't miss me if hes playing in his band!..god ! I hate this!!..

Am I being selfish?

i just want to cry..but I can't...

this is..2002-09-09 16:46:57 ET

....this is my boifriend....

What do you think of him???

today..2002-09-08 18:14:48 ET

I fixed my moms car..I had to remove a whole bunch of shit, to get a split hose off..then we had to go get a new hose..while we were out I bought 50 bux in art shit..canvas' paints, brushes, brush cleaner.. sealer,..canvas pad... kneaded eraser....Then we came home..and I had to put the hose back on...I dropped a peice of a plug down in the car so I had to reach in and get it..I was all greasy and dirty and machanicey lookin.. It was funny. So yes, this 5'3" little punk rock chick fixed her moms buick regal all by herself! be proud..be proud...

When I finished that I got cleaned up..then I sat in my room..and put my art shit away..Then I got a piece of canvas outta my canvas pad and painted a black and white picture of JTHM.... then I took a nap...then I started painting a box.. then I realize it was 10 and got on here to talk to AJ...

tired....2002-09-07 17:52:48 ET

..eh..ok..well that enough said..too tired to type..nite

grrr.....2002-09-07 12:54:54 ET

ya know that song where its like " THEY SHOOT CHILDREN!!" by Oi Polloi. Well I really wish people shot children, cause around 3 a clock I woul've paid someone to come shoot this little asshole... Fucker! I'm glad he left to go to his friends house..he threw a huge remote control car at me!! It fuckin hurt, so I threw it back at him! Damn violent 12 year olds!! Well now that hes gone and the girls are fed. Me and the girls (tiffani 7, sydni 3) are going for a walk . Maybe we'll stop by the park so they can play:D......well ta ta for now!

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