Toilet TissueX22002-09-16 16:49:52 ET

Hello ladies and Gentleman:
Welcome to name that song! I'm your host NiCole Mix-alot.
Today we have 7 songs for you. You must name the song and who does it. You must get 5 out of seven right to move on the the bonus round..
Saw you in a mag kissin a fag
Saw you in a mag kissin a fag
Saw you in a mag kissin a fag
Saw you in a mag kissin a faggot!!!

Dont smoke
Dont drink
Dont fuck
at least I can fuckin think
I can keep up I cant keep up
out of step with the world
I can't keep up I can't keep up
out of step with the world


Bomb the hippies Oi Oi Oi


rebel girl rebel girl you are the
queen of my world


Always walking down the street
acting like shes oh so sweet
but the truth we all know
shes nothing but an easy hoe

guys go with ease
as she spreads nasty disease
she should be tested
cause she must be infested


friggin in the riggin
friggin in the riggin


today i feel so violent
I wanna break some glass
everyday I feel itd be my last
starin at a blank wall wonderin what to do
starin at a calber .22


please put the number-song-band name

ex: 1). Barmy Army
The Exploited...

you may start now..


clean my friend clean like ytou've never cleaned before!!2002-09-15 17:53:17 ET

The happy side of things: I cleaned up my room, rearranged it, changed my wall shit. hung up all my show flyers.
Went to babysit at 7:30, got home at 9. finished my room. gave my dog a bath. did some more in my room. Called CLay, found out Krystal got her car today. Clay is bringing my bass chord to me tomorrow after school, after 2 months of having it. then watched some TV and now I'm online.
On a the not so happy side of things: I miss my AJ. His computer is dead, and I can't talk to him every nite :( . Calling would run up the phone bill and my mom would murder me. SAme goes for him, he calls me alot runs the phone bill up his dad will kill him. So I dunno what I'm going to do :( this sux, I really miss him, even though I just seen him Friday and alittle bit saturday.

GHETTO2002-09-14 20:39:39 ET

My house is ghetto. My dad stared to work on it about 6 years ago. This is what has been completed, my room. We extened the house out,Have up wood walls and insalation and wood floor, no carpet( you can REALLY tell its been extended). On one side of our house we dont have siding, and my pourch has yet to be finished, atleast we have steps on it now. My parents room, extended, had wood up and insalation and wood floor no carpet ( as with the living room, you can tell its been extended) if my housewas to lets say, catch on fire, we would get NOTHING insalution isn't worth shit. My house is over 75 yrs old. We have the old metal pipes that like to freeze in the winter. Our toilet to have to keep the handle down til all thw things flush down. My basement is for midgets. My attic has trolls. I like in the middle of nowhere ( slabtown) and all that surounds this shitty little town is WOODS, nothing but woods. I hate to be here by myself at night. I get all paranoid. I hate lots of windows , all of the blinds have to be closed for me.

I have a window problem, but I won't get into that now.

2002-09-14 20:05:31 ET

I'm about to puke. I think this dude is molesting my mother..she passed out on the couch and hes laying on her and he had his hand up her shirt and I yelled at him. Its pissing me off, my face is so red with anger and I don't know what to do... help?

Oh my...what a weekend so far..2002-09-14 16:43:19 ET

So I had fun at AJs. I got there at 5:30. He wasen't home yet, so I sat there and talked to him grandma for a half an hour.
Then he came home, and we hung out in his room.
Than we went to Brians. Krystal was there. Me and Krystal talked. Than Krystal and AJ played a video game. Than AJ and I had to go back up to his house. Yesterday was his moms b-day. We watched her open presents. Than when everyone was doing there own thing, me and her talked, I gave her a hug and wished her a happy b-day.Than she gave me a big hug, said she loved me, and it was nice to see me. Then she told me I smelled good. Then we tried to figure out what was wrong with there computer. Than I went in the "Blue Room" where AJ was playing guitar and listened to him play. Then we went in his room and watched some TV. Then we watched Resident Evil with his parents. They went to bed. We finished the movie. Then we went outside. We had sex. Which was really good might I add. Then we smoked a cigarette. Then talked under the stars. Then went in his room. Listened to some music. Talked some more. Then we smoked another cigarette. Then we went inside. He made my bed. Put FEAR in the CD player for me. Gave me a kiss goodnite. Then we went to bed( sleep in different rooms).

Then this morning, I woke up cause I heard him giggling. and I looked up and he was staring at me giggling. He pulled my pnoytail holder out of my hair and gave me a kiss. He was laughing at my hair. fucker. Then we watched some TV. Then he made me a pop tart. Then he took a shower and I watched TV. Then we went to Brians, they played games. Then we all walked to the store and Brian bought me cigaretts. Then we went to the Dollar Store. Then we walked home and Brian went to his house. Then we watched TV. Then we left. His dad took me and him to BK. Then the brought me home.

While home I finally watched ADVENTURE KID, hahahaha...oh my, its like a porn, but cartoon. with zombies and wierd shit. It was pointless but funny. Zombies have sex with women. Zombies with dildos for fingers. People having sex all over the place. Saying the most hilarious things. It was funny.

Now I'm on the internet, and I'm bored. AJ can't get online 1) cause Clay is there
2) even if clay wasen't there, he couldn't get on anyway because his computer won't work. *sighs* So I'm bored. Think I may go outside to smoke a cigarette.

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