2003-03-14 10:42:11 ET
so, there's this dude i know, and he was declared a missing person a few days ago. cant say i was surprised about that; this guy was kindda weired (in a very GOOD sense) but i thought he will turn out to be fine in the next few days.
so, last night at the club i was talking to someone and he mentioned his name. so i said "yep, its freaky stuff, you cant tell were the hell he is" and he looked at me and said "yes i can. they found his body this afternoon. he fell from a cliff up north."

those clear moments are weired.
although i didnt know him that well, im still sorry because he was a good man. one of the best.
oh well. 4 days to amsterdam.

     2003-03-13 01:37:31 ET
the plan for today:
whine all afternoon about having to work.

*phone call*

new plan:
drink beer and whine all afternoon about not going to work.

life is grand sumtimes.

 waxorama    2003-03-12 14:42:44 ET
so while noa and shay were having they're olive binge, i was at work, smiling and wishing for death by piano-fall accident.
lovely stuff that happened tonight:
-i spilled a coke on this guy, only to find out later that he stuffed 5$ into my pocket 2 minutes before i did it. i feel awful now...
-i blew off a candle and dropped it, spilling hot wax all ovr myself. i'm gonna take it off now;along with a large portion of my body hair i guess.

i really wanted to write about me and noa VS. travel agent storry, but i'm sooooooo tired i type wrong letters all the time and i'm starting too lose my string-o-thought.

hey maybe noa can do it...;)

 glowing in sunlight    2003-03-09 15:55:36 ET
so i woke up this afternoon with a hugh headach after a night of bad movies on cables. made some phone calls.
1. i realized i had to work today and i've got 6 hours to be there
2. im working at every single fuckin' day this week, including saturday.
3. my rival-bosses count has risen from 2 to 3; my mom was kidding the other day about hiring me an agent to co-ordinate all my workplaces. i bet the IRS is thrilled.

talked abit with noa (i'm sorry you didnt pass that test hone... you'll kick their ass next time!) and then left for work only to be late again.
strangest thing... i was like a freakin' zombie the entire evening, but when it came to packing stuff and pushing crates around and loading stuff on the truck i became a little happy slave. i just like doing that stuff alot more then i like serving tables. i like lifting stuff :} is that strange?

anyway, 3:00 AM again, and i gotta wake up in the morning... damn. i just cant seem to get my usual 14 hours sleep a day any more.
=np: L'ame imortelle - epitaph , followed by bob mould - new #1=

 random... its all just pure random    2003-03-08 07:56:15 ET
currant color:venom green.
random thought: looking at mountaintops makes me feel secure.

so i woke up at 11 am with a sudden urge to run. so i was about to leave the house when a few friends called to ask me to come see "catch me if you can" with them. it was ok... nothing more. and then we went to stuff some grease into our digestive system.
i still feel the urge to run though.

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