what's that under my bed?    2003-02-05 21:35:48 ET
me and my 8 year old brother, 4 am:

-itay:"huh? what are you doing here in my bed?"
-daniel:(crawling under the blanket)"i came to sleep with you."
++ two minuete silence ++

-itay:"say, dani, how come you never sleep alone? are you afraid of the dark or sumthin?"
-daniel:"nope. i just like it when other people worm up the bed for me. as far as i concern you can leave now."
-itay:"i'll kick your ass tomorrow."

that little creep. :)

 overload    2003-02-05 14:20:15 ET
thats what you get when you try to dense two weeks worth of homework into one day. so around 6 pm i got all bored and went to the gym. that was boring too. so i had to go shopping to get myself all happy again. damn it, i'm such a girl!!! i bet its all that astrogen in the tofu i eat.
oh what the hell.

yhea... i'm manly and stuff.

anyway i bought 3 DVD's on a special offer for only 20$.
-no man's land
-this cute israeli movie
and some analog entertaiment (books you morons)."lonesome traveller", and i finally got my own copy of "fear and loathing". and some Dr. seuss. i just LOVE Dr. seuss.

*and the avril levign cd. hey! its a present to my kid sister!!!*

= tricky - she makes me wanna die =

 waiting, on a sunday afternoon.    2003-02-02 05:53:44 ET
friday night i went on a little road trip with my friends idan and alex. after a 3 hours drive with a weired mix of EBM, emo music and death metal in the background, we stopped for breakfast in odem woods. there's this hugh hole in the ground there with trees all in it. kewl.
then we drove up to mt. hermon for some snowboarding.
now this was my first time. i did some skying before but i never snowboarded. so the first few rides was fun... till i had this nasty fall. slammed my back down and got my legs tweested 180 degrees. fuck it. it still hurts.
so on our way back we were so tired, we stopped by lake kineret to crash for an hour or so. when i woke up idan told me about the space-crash. i made some smart-ass jokes 'till i realized he was serious. damn.
so here i am, all drugged up on painkillers. i should study but im too lazy.

= STP - interstate love song =
= T.A.T.U - how soon is now =
= concord dawn - take me away =

 lazy mode    2003-01-30 10:20:09 ET
my day really sums up with just reading and sleeping. reading a few pages, sleeping for an hour and then the whole thing again.
later i took my friend shopping for cloths because the last time he did it was something like 2 years ago. actually i did it just because i was really hungry and i wanted a free meal at BIG MAMA... oh well. and i bought this really cute teenage mutant ninja turtles cloth patch. donatello ownz.

 so just do what you gotta do.    2003-01-29 14:50:41 ET
really lame day.
got up at around 12 pm and realized that my plans for today. are completly fucked.
did some homework. i really missed that whole studying thing. i should do it more often. then i went to the gym. i really like going there but i HATE the people and the staff. its like those bunch of low-life thinking they're god's gift to woman kind just because they can lift some weights and make funny horsie sounds. its like everytime i try to do my humble workout this random dumb as hell macho scum comes over and try to tell me i'm doing it wrong. but they put on every maddona song ever on loop, so its not all wrong :)
so straight after that i went to my class, and took a really LONG diagnostic test.brrrrr. hell i tell you.
and later, went with noa to the comma II. 80's, beer, bordem. i'm bored. maybe i'll go look for my dusty guitar and make random noises.

---beth gibbons - tom the model---

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