"sydney and it's dark embrace" pt. 1    2004-07-07 02:52:47 ET
back here in sydney, australia, after a few days of partying in wellington. got here, got myself a cellphone, a bank account and a haircut. tomorrow i'm moving into this totaly weird drug-lair excuse for apartment and i'll start looking for a job... oh... the ruotine begins here :)

wish me luck you all, and hope i wont loose my brain inhaling all those fumes!

 its the wind under my raincoat    2004-06-30 00:58:12 ET
and all around me i guess. cause there is wind in wellington. all the time. the kind that can turn you into a human sailboat.
got a few days to spend here before i'm going back to oz... idan just called and told me he's gonna be here saturday. yay! someone to drink with! (who is'nt british, that is :))
tomorrow i'll spend my day exploring all those things i didnt got to on my first visit to the "te papa" museum.
and catch this industrial night here (should be interasting)

 well as of right now    2004-06-27 06:05:00 ET
i'm pissed drunk, as my british coleeges would say.
auckland sux.
and... well...
i dunno.
i just had to get it out of my system.

 sonic goof    2004-06-26 03:59:12 ET
to make this day's story short:

and i touched kim :))))

good night.

 northland    2004-06-23 19:06:38 ET
-taupo to auckland
-auckland boring
-auckland to paihia: 7 hitch-hikes in 7 hours. damn long day.
-tomorrow: up to cape rienga.
-saturday: sonic youth gig in auckland.

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