and as the dust sunk...    2005-01-23 22:06:55 ET
it couldnt find a place to lay between the carpet of beer cans, covering what used to be the gold coast parklands.
yes people, the BIG DAY OUT!
the beastie boys were funkey as hell, slipknot were delightfully disturbing, system of a down just blew the place to tiny bits, concord dawn blasted, and basically- i'm one happy camper (or van-sleeper, but i'm not being technical)
and to all a good night.

 spinnin' in the dryer    2005-01-20 20:04:27 ET
just sittin' around in byron bay again, about 20,000 km since last time i was here. nimbin's been great as always, ALL HAIL THE COOKIE LADY!
day after tomorrow is the big day out!!! i'm all excited and shit.

(not included in this entry: adelaide, melbourne, sydney and everything in between.)

 body count: 126    2004-12-25 16:47:07 ET
kangaroo bodies offcourse.
in various levels of decay.
driving through the australian outback can really get you bored, as you can see. its been 4 days since we left cairns south west into the desert-land, driving for apx. 9 hours a day through the great nothing, sleeping in the back of our van and regressing to communication through hand movements and growls. the outback smells of two things: rotten kangaroo courpses when its dry and like a wooden saunna when it rains. but the sky... the most beutiful sky i've ever seen (* enter "little fluffy clouds" here*).
last night we hitted civilasation in the form of the town of alice springs. to celebrate the occasion we got dead-pissed at the local bar and since we didnt have anywhere to stay these two italian angels kicked us into a shower (its about time!) and let us crash in their dorm room.
those girls are fuckin' saints.
anyway, i'm stuck here in the alice untill my car will be fixed, a little oopsie because its FUCKING X-MASS!!! damn it, jesus dude! you couldnt find a better time to be born at?
now its time to leave the air-con internet shop... grrr

 tropo    2004-12-20 23:06:03 ET
driving through the worlds biggest sand-island.
sailing on a racing-yacht through the whitsunday islands, drunk as hell.
surfing in noosa.
walking through the rainforest jungles of cape tribulation.
i love north queensland.
i think i might found HOME.

 crying at airports    2004-10-28 22:50:15 ET
well, about a week ago, at noon time, here in byron bay at the north shores of australia, i was under the influence.
well what new about that, you ask? this time i woke up in my tent around midnight, holding my soring head in one hand and a flight-ticket to fiji on the other.
moral of the story kids: never under estimate your credit card skills while half-concious.
so, in a week or so i'm off to spend some time in fiji, for chills, kills and cheap thrills... and offcourse for that blessed holy stamp in my passport, telling the world (and the immagration officials) that i got six more months to spend in australia.
now i gotta go before they close the liquer shop.

np: human waste project
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