one minuete silence    2005-03-13 06:53:42 ET
to "joe's"....
my favorit bar in kohphangan, and probably the only metal beach bar.
its no longer there:(

 "take this bottle....    2005-03-11 16:52:29 ET
... and get on the buuuuuuuuuus"
i'm inlightened: i'll never ride a bus sober again.

 cutting FROM pai    2005-03-10 05:19:28 ET
so after a few days here i kindda realized all that peace and quiet isnt really for me... so i checked around, next full moon party in koh phangan is in the 23 or so, so i guess i'll be heading down there for a while. god i miss the booze buckets and the beach parties:)
will be nice to be somewhere farmiliar before i head back home.
so ahead of me:
4 hours bus ride to chiangmai
12 hours bus ride to bangkok
10 hours bus ride to sungritani
3 hours boat ride to koh phangan.

sleeping pills, anyone?:)

 cut the pai    2005-03-09 03:14:01 ET
so i'm in the lil' northern village of pai, doing some yoga and shit and living in this beutiful tiny bongalow on the river bank... life cant get any better, beside the fact that i really miss home :(

 nelly the elephant    2005-03-06 03:10:09 ET
last 3 days:
traking through the jungle hills of the pai area, riding some elephants, giving all my plastic bracelets to local kids, partying with the hill-tribes, smoking opium (it's really ok here) and riding the river with bamboo rafts.

foot masage.

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