today and tomorrow and so on    2005-07-26 04:25:41 ET
still in northern ireland. not much left up here to see but its nice. going to go bck next week to scotland and then getting to see a football (soccor) match andpossibly a rugby match a less likely the Tattoo. james is supposed to be getting us tickets but its doubtful.

anyway thats my update

 today    2005-07-19 02:51:22 ET
i'm still in scotland, made it ok.

we are sitting in an internet cafe checking emails and such. so i can't type much.

having fun...going to ireland wednesday, tomorrow...coming back here early and then going to the Tattoo (the royal pipes and drums thing not a tattoo) and then going to some old towne type deal where they live like they used to live hundreds years ago.

ok...going now..

much love

especialy extra love to brraaddd hehe <3 love you sweets <3

tomorrow...i love ya..tomorrow...hehe <3 annie

anyhoot my flight leaves at 2:52 tomorrow afternoon. from cinci so i have to drive there, well mom is driving, but we are leaving here by no later then 10:00 am cause they are an hour ahead and i gotta be there early and all that jazz

so everyone say good thoughts for me and prayers and all that good stuff ^_^

miss me!!!

much love!!

 Sooooo I'm going to Ireland...    2005-07-12 14:13:55 ET
and i want you to give me your addy if you want a postcard hehe..granted you'll probably get it after I get back but still it's the thought that counts hehe.

and even if you think i have it *cough* viola *cough* still give it to me so i know i have the right one. and you can pm them if you want cause i know it's all private and that good stuff.

oh and if you and i ain't supa close and i don't know your "real" name please let me know how to address it mmmmkay? hehe

umm ok so i leave saturday ...THIS saturday better get them to me quick!! hehe

<3much love<3

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