Where I have been...    2005-07-04 17:28:35 ET
Well my DSL went out a while back, but now I have it again *dances around* i'm sooo happy so everyone say a lil prayer or whatever that it doesn't go away again.

and then we had an emergency trip to Kansas City,MO this past weekend. Another one of my mom's cousins (well he's my cousin too but he's my moms first cousin however that numbering cousins thing works) died. He had throat cancer, it was in I think stage 3 when they found it so the Chemo made it really bad and I think he ended up dying from complications due to the fact that the chemo or however yous pell that made him get blisters in his throat so he couldnt' talk or eat or swallow or anything. Plus his white blood count was super low so his immune system shut down basically.

He is the third of my Great-Uncles kids to die, he was the oldest. In 2000 Tony died from an "accidental" shooting (they said he was cleaning his gun but tony knew how to clean a gun so we think ti was suicide) and then Lori Beth died 2 years after that from a heart attack. She was the baby in the family. So my great-uncle and the rest of that family isn't doing all that great. Mom was really close to this son though, Rick was his name. well is his name still even though he's not around anymore. Her and my grandma were the only ones who got away with calling him Richy Paul so that's what we still call him. I went to the funeral out of respect for my mom, I hate funerals they make me uncomfortable and I'd rather not be there at all, but I knew if I didnt' go mom would get crap about how I'm so anti-social and how rude and blah blah blah so I went. It was so sad..but he's better off now for sure. There are 3 kids left on that side, well of Uncle Richards kids that is. Herman still has all his kids I think. They are my Grandpas' brothers. I have way too many people in my family.

OK i'm rambling on. I got my DSL back so I should be around more often again, well sorta, depending on how much I have to work an dstuff.

I leave the 16th, so in 2 weeks I'll be gone and probably wont be on here for a month. I dont' know if I will have internet access over there or not. I know dad will have his lap top but I don't have one that works anymore.

Oh well I'm going to bed now, or at least will be soon.

Much love

 *dances around*    2005-06-21 19:29:50 ET
I got a job ^_^

it's part time and only until I go to Ireland in a few weeks, but I'll rack up at least $2000 and I'll be on payroll at the place incase she needs me to come back after I start school and help out.

it's at the place my mom used to work. i'm just doing odds and ends but she got me $10.50 an hour. and i'll be working at least 37.5 hours a week, nto to mention if they give me overtime which would probably happen cause well..umm i was there til 7:30 tonight training haha. poor Cindy (moms friend and old boss) she has no time during the day to train me on the stuff she wants me to do cause it's such a busy office. i wish i could stay and help her more since she worked so hard to get me on there haha. she didnt' tell her boss that i'm leaving in july cause she knew if she did that she'd never let me start working. but whatever Cindy needs the help and i had more experience then hiring someone who's never helped in the office before, i just didn't get paid for it til now :)

umm...other then that not much new...going to get to bed now cause i have to get up at 6:25 am now luckily though I shouldnt' be there as late tomorrow cause it's not as busy a day.

oook that's all

much love :)

 I'm smart...    2005-06-19 02:48:38 ET
I figured out what was wrong with my dial-up connection without calling the people...*dances*

Bad thing is I think the reason my dial-up was screwy is the same reason my DSL was screwy and now it's cancelled and I dont' know if it needed to be. So Monday I am calling them , or today...guess it's a 24 hour number so maybe i'll call today, to find out if maybe they can see if that was the problem with my DSL and hook me back up for it cause um...dial-up ....BLOWS.

Haha..i mean it's better then nothing dont' get me wrong, but it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOWWWWWWWWW...i miss my fast one.

But at any rate now my internet is back so yay for that one *dances around*

Ok i'm going back to bed now....

 I live...    2005-06-15 12:42:19 ET
I'm currently at the Plainfield Public Library...my internet is out..and it sucks haha.

I sat at home bored this week til today cause I had no car til today.

In the process of trying to register for classes this fall.

Also looking for a new ISP. I should still have dial-up through SBC but damn is that ish slow. it just sucks cause of our location nothing works. But i'm going to go talk to the people at staples see if they can help me since they are located here in plainfield.

ummm...ok that's all haha. i have nothing else to update..
oh other than .

i'm walking along to my car downtown on campus and all the sudden this car passes me and it's hubcap falls off...and nearly takes my leg with it ...damn those things move quick haha.

ok that's all

bye bye

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