Signs of the Apocolypse    2005-06-01 19:47:22 ET
* Joey McIntyre is on TV again

* Evander Holyfield is ....DANCING (on the same show as Joey, I think that's a double sign)

* Sylvester Stallone is going to star in the next Rambo movie...Yes..a Rambo 4!!! The man can't even speak anymore.

* Martha Stewart is going to host her own version of the Apprentice in the Fall

* In a year we will be graced with...Indiana Jones 6

* Paris Hilton is Engaged

* Britney Spears is prego

* Lindsey Lohan nearly died paparazzi style like Diana *sniffles* (i'm serious about the sniffling, Diana was a tragedy)

....need i go on..this world is going to turn to ashes...

 Today    2005-05-30 18:20:54 ET
Today was Brad's last day here from his visit :) he came up so we could spend our 1 year anniversary together. I had a good time, hope he did too ^_^

Today we went to see Star Wars Episode 3 with Melissa an dher friend Greg. He'd seen it already but i haven't seen any of the old ones all the way through and none of the new ones interested me til this one. And before you get on me about how i don't know the story so i wouldn't get it...I was up to date on everything and I know the story so I enjoyed it very much.

We went ot dinner with my dad then afterwards, it took us a while to get the time situated but it was a good dinner and all went well.

ok i'm going to go to bed now.

much love all


 *sigh of relief*    2005-05-19 19:10:58 ET
So CSI is over...well the season is ...and Nick didnt' die...well no one died so i'm slightly confused but here is mom and my's prediction for their previews saying "the reunion of the csi team is short lived for one of them"

see at the end grissom asks for his guys back (meaning he wants to work wth his original team again) and that would mean that catherine would have to take a demotion, and we figure she'll get pissed and either leave or just stay as split shift manager. cause she's too "big" now to take a demotion.

it was very intense though and VERY quentin tarantino!!! there was one scene that was incredibly tarantino haha and of course mom was like "what the hell is this?!" i just kept reminding her who the director was haha.

then i watch Without A Trace and the end of that was just as bad as CSI maybe even more so casue I wasn't expecting it.

anyway back to a normal day tomorrow haha. no more worrying about who's gonna die ...least til Monday's CSI:Miami finale

what can i say, i'm a loser haha

 GO LOOK hehe    2005-05-17 21:24:30 ET
I have 7 items listed on ebay haha you should buy one *nodnod* indeed you should...

ask me if you want to see them on the ebay site i'll give you a link...haha riiiight like anyone wants my crap...


*Tripp Brand Black Pinstripe Pants New (never worn) Size 13
*KikGirl Floor Length (on me haha) Black skirt with red stitching size medium, broken zipper, but never worn (yeah i don't get it either)
*MacGirl Floor Length Black Skirt with d-rings and stuff on it. size XL (36 in waist...that is SO not an XL)
* Siemens CF62T phone with charger and manuals (t-mobile compatible)
*Sega GameGear Package- 10 games, carrying case, 6 New AA batteries, battery packs and charger for battery packs
*Xbox games bundle (get more money if you sell more then one haha)- The elderscrolls III- Morrowind and Bloodrayne 2
*Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Onyx Black with carrying case, charger, extended grip thingy, & 3 games.

i'm broke need money bad, can you tell? i'm going to sell my PS2 and PS1 and some games with those as well. along with a bunch of other i'm broke haha

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