Nervous breakdown (no reason to read my ranting if you don't watch CSI haha)    2005-05-16 19:37:18 ET
Ok so CSI has me set up for a SERIOUS tear jerker on Thursday and I just saw the full preview for it last night, and it's no where near as emotional on the web (reading about it) as it is when you see it. Seriously 30 second preview and i'm already starting to cry...what the freak is up with that?! and then i find out that it MAY end up being a cliffhanger and you may not find out til next season what happens NO FREAKING WAY!!! I will write to whoever I have to write to every day if I have to way am I waiting for next season to see what happens.

and yes i'm well aware it's JUST a tv show but after 5 years of loyal watching you kinda get emotionally attached to some of the characters, now i can think of one who i wouldnt' care if she left the show but Nick (george eads) is really freaking good...*sniffles* and i'll miss him! hehe.

lemme give you an example: *granted this only means something to people who watch the show and know what i'm talking about haha*

Grissom: "He's got about an hour and fifteen minutes in there."

[Catherine tries to console a desperate Warrick.]
[Back at the crime scene, Catherine finds something important. She looks
[Grissom and his team run down a road.]
[Inside the coffin, Nick closes his eyes and fires his gun.]
[In the lab, Warrick jumps back as he does so.]

Warrick: "No!"

[Shot of an explosion.]
[Debris flies out a trailer as the detonation occurs.]
[Beaten down physically and emotionally, Grissom lays back on the ground,
eyes closed.]

[Inside the coffin, Nick screams.]
[Close-up of Grissom as he watches.]

Grissom: "My God, he's being eaten alive."....


ok and i just watched the 3 min of extended footage they have from the promo of the finale.....dear lord that's too much haha i'm going to need some kind of nerve medicine while i watch this thing geesh...ok i'm done ranting now..


 A day in the life of me...    2005-05-13 21:32:05 ET
We lost power today around 4:25 actually right at 4:25 pm that's when the clocks stopped haha.

Of course right before then both kids wake up ..ok lemme rephrase that...emilee woke up olivia was told she could get up since goodness forbid the child take a real we have 2 bored kids on our hands and a mom who is "tired" cause goodness forbid she take our advice and nap when the kids nap.

so the first incident happens when olivia brings down their pjs cause they are changing (early mind you) to go to "pa-pa and ma-mas" house. melissa tells olivia to put something up, olivia attempts to con emilee into doing it, olivai throws a fit cause she doesn't get away with that nor does she get away with lying about putting it away (she actually took the time to walk up the stairs then when she got to the bedroom door she just threw it in..umm...about a foot farther and she'd have had it in the drawer where she found it haha).

so we get that taken care of and melissa decides (mind you without telling me or saying anything at all) that she's taking a nap. so i asked the kids (nicely ..i swear i wasn't being rude or anything) about 4 or 5 times to go play in the study so their mom could sleep. this goes on for a while then olivia ends up in the kitchen and i tell her to get out of the kitchen, new house rule no one in the kitchen (ok no kids) unless we are eating or they are told they can be there by an adult. so she gets mad cause she's *pouty voice* "huuunnngrrryyy" well five minutes before her mom fell asleep she told her no food til dinner cause a) we have no power to cook anything and b) the only thing she watned was cookies..haha nooope no cookies for you!

so she gets mad over that and i finally coax herto come into the living room infront of me, at that time emilee is behind me (standing behind the loveseat, standing between the loveseat and the kitchen) well while arguing backa nd forth with olivia emilee goes back and forth cause i keep telling her to come back to me and she keeps running off when olivai starts whining at me. so she finally comes back around again after being gone...oohh a few seconds maybe. and i see she has something in her mouth (olivia stil whining and crying in the background...mind you her MOM is 2 feet away on the couch and i dont' care how tired you are you can't sleep through her whining) so i jump up an dmake emilee spit out whatever it is, causel ord only knows what she has, and it's ...dun dun sidewalk chalk. thoughts going through my head:

a) who knows where the chalk has been or whatit has touched
b) who knows if this chalk is "child safe" and i dont' have time to check cause she's probably already swallowed some

so i grab emilee and run her intot he kitchen to wash out her mouth with she's 2 so i can't just say "go rinse out her mouth" she'll just swallow it i'm panicing over this, and olivia is on the kitchen floor throwing a fit cause i won't feed her cookies. so after i rinse out her mouth pretty good i take her upstairs to brush her teeth cause it's still caked inher teeth..olivia...still on the floor crying.

so that was my drama for the day. well most of it, we had to take them home tonight and of course olivia started in cause she knew she was going home with us so she thought she'd try some stuff on our way out. she ended up conning her pa-pa into giving her an apple. now..ok thought process on that was probalby "hey it's an apple it's healthy" but um..side note...hey it's an apple it's kinda sugary...she talked non-stop the whole way home hhaha but luckily went to bed with lil drama.

ok i'm done ranting...sorry for the rant...

 hi my name is toast and i'm sick...again..    2005-05-12 18:11:47 ET
so yes, it has come to my monthly 'get sick worse then everybody else in the house' trip. blah it sucks.

so i feel like ish , and i was throwing up most of today (from the head cold i caught from emilee, somehow i always get the nausia) and mom just comes in here getting on me about cleaning my room up. um...I WAS SICK ALL DAY! did she miss that part...guess so.

i'm not naucious anymore so that's good or is it nausiated...well whatever i'm not it haha. hopefully i won't be tomorrow either. we are going to dinner for melissa's cousins wedding thingy and unfortunately we are going to grindstone charlie's ok, but to me its' just an over-priced applebee's but whatever haha not my wedding or bachlorette party.

ok i'm going now, enough complaning

 Today    2005-05-05 18:10:51 ET
I turned into the house organizer haha

I typed up:

*House Rules (with punishments)
*House Chores Lists (one for adults one for children)
*Melissa's list of things to do
*My list of things to do
*General house list of things to do

I thougth if maybe we put it on the fridge, and had a list for the kids and told them if they did eveyrthing they were supposed to maybe ont he weekends we would do something special, like go get ice cream or go to the put-put here in town or something. Something has to be done so they can learn that punishments aren't games and to try and help melissa get back on her feet again. She is really spacing out bad, and she told mom that a list of things to do around the hosue would help so she could get things done (ok she's gonna go there) So i am making a list of things to do around the house (the chores list) and a list of stuff she should do as far as talking to day cares and keeping in touch with Manpower, cause seirously...she forgets. I mean I thought I forgot a lot of stuff but..she's really really bad.

We finally put a good majority of their toys in the basement and away cause they had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many out and we put my old tv and her vcr and dvd player in the study too for them to be able to watch without buggin us or messing up mom's taping of the shows. But ...if olivia keeps up what she was doing yesterday i'm taking it away...i know she's 5 and she doesnt' understand what rude is but she's rude and mean to melissa and I'm not going tos it back and let her be that way. I'm not saying much anymore..I backed out cause Melissa has to learn that they are her kids and her responsibility, but if she ignores something major and i'm around or mom is around we are going to say something.

I really just want to help get rid of some of the stress and tension that is hovering around us right now. It makes all of us on edge and I know Emilee can sense it cause she's playing on it haha she's testing us big time but everyone is doing a good job of not giving in so that's a plus, I don't want her to get as far as Olivia has gotten. But I know things will work out and we will all be happy again, especially the kids, taht is what is most important :)

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