2010-01-11 23:35:53 ET
Been superly frustrated lately. Gnashing at the teeth frustrated!!! The randomness of boobie texts help somewhat. But hardly quenches my spirit enough.

Love getting texts from ex's from way back in the day. Telling me how they still love me, and their whole life up to this point in time has been a mistake. Their husband has a tendancy to be a complete tool at times. Drop them a line or two on occasion to check on them. And end up with titty texts!!! Asking me what I think about them now(the boobage). On my phones two inch screen, or in my mouth? Friggin seriously!!! Then how someday we'll be together...And the bullshit just gets thicker. My yellow slicker boots are over flowing with verbal diareha!!!! Then the last text is about how she needs to get her birth control meds checked, cause her husband asked her too! Am too the point with 60% of the people I know...Too just cut the ties!!!

If I wanted a mindfuck, I'm sure I wouldn't have to get it via texts. Getting the run around and having your chain yanked at the same time really sucks......

     2009-12-13 12:51:12 ET
So not in the Christmas spirit what so ever!!!! Getting use to the cold again. Got hit with a two day blizard last week. Bleh!!!
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     2009-09-20 17:39:25 ET
Work has been just that. Work! Hours have still been cut. There are only a few reasons that I stay.....

1)There isn't shite for jobs out here!!!!

2)Get to work with some bitter old folk(Which is probaly what I'll be like when I get older), and they make me laugh. Which makes it somewhat enjoyable!

3)When I do sell my house. I can transfer. And use my current job as a foot in the door out in Vegas.

4)Get to walk up to hot chicks and moms galore. And ask them if they need help:P(*Oh! The one liners that come too mind when asking. Then that little mental record player skips, then back to reality.)And I don't get odd looks when I ask if anyone needs anything.Last Christmas I got this hot mom's phone number. Sadly! I was highly taken at the time:(

So far I've had 38 people interested in my house. The list is as follows. 1- severely interested(He's going thru a divorce, and doesn't want his ex to have her claws in it. His divorce will be finalized on Dec 3rd.)(*Was hoping to be long gone by Winter time!!!)3- Interested in purchasing and leveling the house too rubble for apartments! 13- Couples. Wanting to know if they could have the house on contract(*a lease to own deal. I guess that's a common thing out here?). The rest- Kinda half hearted. Got another call today,Will follow up on that in the morning.

May have some farm labour this week? It is the only thing currently keeping me afloat! It has helped me get all my bills for October paid already!!! So I'm still living extremely frugal where I can. Have internet and home phone. Just no tv(own one)aka cable. I am actually thinking of just getting a cell phone, and get rid of the home phone all together??? Still owe Sprint money from a few years back.So I'm not sure if I could work something out with them. And I'm sure the deposit will be horendous? Verizon said it would be at least 250 bucks plus phone costs for start up!!! Any decent companies out there???

 It's been some time.......    2009-08-26 21:09:55 ET
Haven't been on here in forever.

My laptop I was using for three years finally keeled over horribly and died. Fixing it was pretty much the exact cost of a new desktop. So I sucked it up and bought a new one.

Been doing lots of under the table sidework at an extended families farm. Concrete pouring, chopping wood for winter(with axes, chainsaws and log splitters), and general construction and repair. Still haven't been able to find a full time job out here since being let go from the Pella corporation last November. Still trying though. My part time job, is now my only one. I was at 38-44 hours a week. But have since been cut back t0 19-21 hours per week. And being part time, I don't quailfy for energy assistance, unemployment and a gamut of other resources. So I've been winging it...Barely!!!

The thorn in my side. Left the building 5 weeks ago, then turned around and broke up with me a second time. Stating that long distance doesn't work. True. It only works if both parties are willing!My brother lived in Northern Cali, and his lady in Colorado. They went back and forth for three years. Then he moved out to Colorado. So it can work!

I figured everything she had done was pre planned. Her bankruptcy, moving back to Cali, the 2nd coming of the twat waffle herself!Squirreling her money away and not helping, buying 200 plus dollars of cosmetics at a time, then asking about what's for dinner? "You container of 65 dollar foundation. Biatch!!!" Anyhow. I've also come to the conclusion that she had some additional cock in waiting for her out there too. No biggie. Karmas a motherfucker, when it comes around!

Before her highness the ice queen left. She turned off my internet, cable, phone. Cancelled my insurance on my car and house. Literally cleared out my pantry. I am barely able to afford internet and my home phone, but I'm keeping a tight reign on it! Then last week she cancelled my cellphone.So I cleared out our mutual paypal account and sent it too my other paypal account as monies owed!!!! There was about 400 or so dollars in the account for Christmas. But she bought 300 plus dollars in school books, then told me afterwards! So I transfered the balance to myself!!! And closed her paypal account and cancelled her paypal visa card. My hand must've just temporarily hit the wrong button? Tsk tsk....

My house is up for sale too. Doesn't make sense to have a huge place to myself. I guess the notion of having a loved one and a family are on the back burner again! Besides my grandmother is sick, and my mum's retiring towards the Vegas area.It's pretty much the last of my family left. So I'm going to take the leap once again and move.I am 3/4 packed up, put in for a job transfer, and am waiting on a buyer for my house. 33 hits since last month alone, 4 prospectives.So as soon as my house sells I'm outta Iowa......

 Yeah!!!    2009-04-21 21:12:11 ET
I've been keeping a written journal again. Have already pretty much filled a 100 page composition book in less then a month.Lots of queries and questions keep arising pertaining to the current situation, as well as other endeavors.

I have come to the conclusion that I can't stand most people as a whole. Don't worry. If I haven't deleted you off of here, myspace, twitter or facebook. Then your safe!

Lately I have been severely short tempered. When someone says something that is beyond dumb, or just gets on my fucking tits. I just wanna thump them in the head or face to a pulp!!! Just a seething rush of pure rage! Not sure if it stems from stress, depression or a combo of the both? I just have to watch myself living in a small town.

Though it was 37 this morning. I mowed and edged my 1/4 acre lot. Clean out the wild tulip patches around the house, re hung the hanging planters on the porch, and a slew of other yardly duties, did laundry, cooked, and am not semi tired.

Found out today from her. That she had deemed like three months ago, that we weren't in a relationship!!! WTF??? Thanks for the notice twat! 3 years pissed away, and 14 yrs of friendship. And she still has no idea what's going on? I hate indecisive 30 somethings!!! Especially when they still live under your roof.

Been religiously going to accupunture to releave stress. And have my chakras realigned twice, and have done a bit of mental reprogramming. Just for when the shite fully goes down, I'll be ready for it!

My experiment is still going good so far. Will keep posting about it:)

A smoke,bj and a beer sound good about now!

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