Suddenly summer    2002-04-18 17:33:04 ET
It's been very nice to so suddenly be able to walk around outside without a coat. I spent some time yesterday evening doing some shopping - a new shirt, new shorts and of course, new CDs! I did have a kind of surreal and incongruous experience though. There is a new store that opened in a building called College Park, which has a lot of nice and interesting Art Deco features. The new store is part of a chain that sells discount clothing, so as you might imagine the store doesn't quite live up to the grand space it's in.

Imagine Wal-Mart...the cheap clothes, the shelves and the cash registers, inside a large room with a high ceiling and marble-faced columns. Weirrrrrd.

Let me also take the opportunity to whine now about industrial CD prices. $24.99+ a disc, with some exceptions, is insane. Get a clue, HMV!

 Is modern art seriously fucked or what?    2002-04-14 17:00:24 ET
Pigs with tattoos...and the amazing shit machine!

 Yay vacation!    2002-04-05 17:30:35 ET
It's Friday, I'm off work, and I don't have to come back for a week! Well, other than on Tuesday when they're having the breakfast to give out perfect attendance awards, which I'm making a point of going to just because perfect attendance is just really really weird for me. I managed not to get too sick and avoided taking "mental health days".

The guy who's doing my work for me next week has my cell phone number in case he needs help (but if that happens before noon, eat voicemail!). I'm sleeping in!

I'm not going away anywhere, just relaxing and doing some things that need doing like getting some new glasses. I might head out to some club nights or events I don't usually get to go to because they're during the week. Vacation...the most beautiful word there is!

 Okay, I'm ready to diet now!    2002-03-31 16:05:03 ET
Last night was gluttony to end all gluttony! I was out for a birthday dinner at a chinese buffet restaurant and oh, how did I eat...honey-garlic ribs, sweet and sour chicken balls, baked salmon, wonton soup, rice, noodles, shrimp, orange chicken, mixed vegetables...and then a selection of many different kinds of dessert. Then it was off to the club for drinking and (a little) dancing. It was one of those special kinds of evenings when almost all of your friends show up, even the ones that haven't shown up in months. Afterwards, some of us went to another restaurant, where I had poutine (for those who aren't familiar with it, it's french fries with gravy and cheese) and a vanilla milkshake. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stuffed!

And now I am ready to go on a diet and lose weight. :)

 Well lookie...I found my favourite torture...    2002-03-26 15:08:22 ET

Witches were tied to you, and burned to a crisp. A classic, though not very nice. People probably tiptoe around you a little.

What torture would you be?

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