Axo Visit Part One    2002-07-20 23:57:26 ET

Axo and Antoire arrived around 7pm. We had Chinese at the Bamboo Garden. Afterwards we strolled up to 23rd Ave and showed Axo my workplace. We walked back to the apartment and hung out talking for a little while before going out to the Backroom for a little bit of dancing. We did get the unfortunate opportunity to witness some stripper types dancing well, like strippers, minus the taking off of clothes. They got some guy involved and it became one of those horrible mock group sex dances, one guy with three skanky chicks rubbing all over him. Ewwwwww.

We left sorry and embarrassed Axo had to see that. Axo drove us back to the apartment. We wound up kicking back, having a couple of beers, and Axo teaching us a new card game called Fluxx. It was very interesting but mildly confusing. It has ever-changing rules. I'm going to try and find a deck so I can show it to other people.

Ant's cat allergies started to really mess with her so we called it a night at 3am.


 Some Pics 4 U    2002-07-19 16:10:13 ET
Updated galleries. ALL MY PICS.

 Payday    2002-07-19 15:24:18 ET
I eagerly await the arrival of my green barcode shirt and have made a donation. I feel like I'm a good citizen of Subkultures.


 Slick Idiot    2002-07-19 02:29:00 ET
So I managed to get some choice pictures of the show tonight. And, with a lot of pestering, I got En Esch to sign some cds for me (he was sweet once everyone else got out his face). Gunter had to make me feel like an ass and point out that he was not only on one of the disks but on all three that I had brought. I had no idea he was on Naive. He wasn't going by Gunter Schulz then. He insisted and said that he has never signed an album he wasn't on.

I had so much fun meeting those guys and so much more I could write about it if it wasn't nearly 4:30 in the morning. Must sleep soon.

Axo-visit tomorrow! ...or should I say today?

Pics soon!

Bye Felix and En...

 Stupid Copyright Shit    2002-07-17 22:53:24 ET
But I don't want to delete Tanky! She looks like me. Whaaaa!

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