Unexpected Need For Money    2002-07-30 19:29:33 ET
The Ozone called today to tell me that my order came in. Yesterday Ozone UK called to tell me the same thing, different album. All my spending money for the next week is already spent. Damn my music habit. This Friday I will have the new 18 Summers and the new Klinik albums.

I'm so happy both those stores opened, but man, the amount of my money they get out of me....them and micro/european brewers.

 Plop!    2002-07-29 18:37:27 ET
It's the sound my butt made when it hit the chair in front of the computer.

I finally put air in my bike's tires so I could ride it. It's something I've been putting off for weeks. I rode it just a few blocks and a little uphill. I totally exhusted myself. I'm so freakin' out of shape. ...too many hours logged into sk.net of the forums...ah!...it's making my ass wider!

Anyway, time to do mod duties on subcultures, etc.

 Monday (Saturday to yous peeps who have the day off)    2002-07-27 18:29:14 ET
Busy day...sold a lot of useless things. I got home and checked my mail. There was a letter from my little sis and my sk.net t-shirt in my box. Hooray! My sister sent me a cute button of Gir from Invader Zim. I'm happy about the shirt but large is l a r g e. If it doesn't shrink up a little with the first wash I might give it to the rev and order a medium next month. I want to use it for my poster rivet pic, or possibly a poseur shirt.

I must now go and make some mix cds for work and SwEeTWiTcH4u from the forums. I'm inspired to do something other than play Heroes of Might and Magic 3 tonight.

 My Weekend So Far    2002-07-25 23:24:45 ET
I have to spend a weekend home just because I did indeed have to buy a life last week. The rev and I have to stay in due to lack of funds. So tonight we have guests. We are showing our friend Facelesskiss and a friend of his Ali G videos.

Ali interviewing Posh Spice and her boy:

Ali G translator:

The previous entry using the Ali G translator:
me is havin to spend a weekend Staines just 'coz me did indeed ave to buy a life last week. da rev hand me is havin to stay in due to lack hof funds. So tonight we ave guests. We is showin our friend Facelesskiss hand a friend hof his Ali G videos


 Live 365/Daniel Myer Tribute Show Playlist    2002-07-25 14:29:05 ET
Well almost. I realize I don't own any S'Apex, Dots and Dashes, Hexer, the list goes on and on and on...

First Hour:
Newt - -273 C (S'Apexed)
Cleen - Believe
HMB - Everything
Cleaner - Harey
Architect - Pastgate
Cleen - North
Haujobb - Anti/Matter
Newt - Abyss
Cleaner - LSD Eyes
Clear Vision - Turn the Tide v1.0
Haujobb - Penetration (floor mix)

Second Hour:
Converter/Ache/Morgenstern - In Hell
Black Lung - Depopulation Bomb
Feindflug - Sturmwalzer
B-TON-K - Auto-aggression v2.0
Das Ich - bin ich es denn...
Index - Mesh Life/World Processor
Implant - Nine
yelworC - Legion
The Klinik - Recognition (long version)

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