2002-07-16 21:13:18 ET
Forwarded from the Seattle Musicwerks list.....


Slick Idiot - Deathline Intl - Databomb
At the Catwalk - 07/19/02 (Friday)

This show is QUICKLY turning into the BATTLE IN SEATTLE.........A war has
inadvertantly been started between the old memebers of KMFDM. I'll run down
the events as they happened:

1. On Sunday night Sasha K was seen running away from the front of
MusicWerks with Raymond Watts (PIG) giggling like little schoolgirls. Upon
taking a better look at the poster for the Slick Idiot show, it was apparent
that graffitti had been written to the effect of "This is Not KMFDM, they
suck, don't go to this show" and mustaches had been drawn on the faces. (I'm
just reporting it to me as I was told by passers by that

2. Upon hearing this, En Esch and Guenter decided to put Sasha on the
guestlist for the show on the 19th at the Catwalk.......**does anyone else
smell a fight brewing??**..........

Given the legendary animosity and history of KMFDM and it's members in
turmoil upon breaking up........this is shaping up to be one hell of a show
here in Seattle for the whole KMFDM crowd........what will happen next? who
knows...........and what will happen if Slick Idiot actually play some KMFDM
songs with Sasha in the audience.........Inquireing Mind Want To

-end transmission-


 Portland Syko-meet Imminent    2002-07-16 18:53:45 ET
Axo is driving up from LA Friday. Haha! Little does he know what's in store for him. Antiore and I will have him walking from one end of west side to the other. Uber-tourist action, his feet will feel the results of it by the end of the day.

 Par-tay    2002-07-14 23:52:10 ET
I got invited to go to my friend April's bbq tonight, ribs, hot chicken wings, and my friends Web and Pete djing. It was lots 'o fun. I got some pics of my friend Lori fire dancing. I also got to see a Japan only release of a Juno Reactor live dvd.

Tried to ignore the ex-boyfriend...

I tried to introduce both Lori and April to sk.net. But damn, we were on a freakin' dial-up. So slow to load...


 Buyer's Curse    2002-07-13 00:07:49 ET
All I can say about the new avatar: I like my job a little too much. Why must I work a job that wants to swallow my pocket book as well as my life?

Vas, I took the scary pic of me off, you can open your eyes now. ;-P

     2002-07-12 11:00:55 ET
Portland International Beer Fest is today! w00t!

Marvel at the Eruo-beers I WILL be drinking today here:

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