sombody else's photos.    2004-09-02 21:46:09 ET
Here are the promised pictures.

Me, in THE *gasp* PINK dress.

We painted Dave's nails for the wedding.

Dye time... It looks like I dipped my hair in Blood

Not too happy with this color,

This is the happy color

We can't forget the happy Bride

Or her lovely swing skirt

So ends the brief slide show.. *thunderous applause*


 Story time    2004-08-30 07:46:42 ET
Trisha’s wedding went swimmingly (Trisha is my sister). I wore the pink dress with pride. A few of my Dad’s friends told me after the ceremony that they didn’t recognize me at first. After the ceremony I put on my jacket because it was not really warm outside. Only after putting on the leather jacket did people start talking to me. I am sure that most were not quite sure if I was me or not until I adorned myself with something they are more familiar with. Sorry, no pictures yet. We tried to download some from the camera to my computer but things were not working well.
The most annoying moment was when my old youth pastor, who is really good friends with my parents, pulled me aside to “pray” for me. *Steps on soap box, clears throat* Do not lecture me while praying for me. If you feel that there is something not quite right in occurrence, ask me. I am a big girl. I do not get offended if my actions are questioned. I actually feel a bit more respected than if you shake your finger at me and try to rebuke me indirectly through prayer. Oh and while I am on the subject of misuse of prayer, Praying for people is not a gossip session. *steps down from soap box*
One of the best things that happened was between my mom and I.
History: My parents got married because they were pregnant with me. This has always been a source for shame with my mom. She has had a hard time demanding right behavior from us if she couldn’t live up to what she expects from us. She has never just let it go. She has apologized to me more than once for the situation.
One night in my mom’s sewing room: I commented that she had been married almost 27 years and that was a long time. Her reply was “Yeah and it’s all your fault.” We both laughed for a long time. It felt really happy to finally be away from any shame she felt over being pregnant with me.

Ok… on to the next wedding. The dress I made for Christy was beautiful. The month of making it was hard, the end of it all absolutely torture. I couldn’t get her for a fitting. Her phone was off during the mornings and evenings. She decided that a Dave Mathews concert was more important than her dress fitting. So On the day of her wedding. The dress I made and took to be pressed was put on her and found to be a tad too big. Well, not my fault. I was too busy running around that morning looking for the ribbon I was suppose to put on the bouquets I made for her. Running around” In this context means spending an hour on the freeway driving to people’s houses I do not know looking for where the ribbon was left. Oh yeah, I did her flowers as well. Just her and her maid of honor’s bouquet, but it was still more effort than really necessary.
Mostly I am just happy the freaking thing is done. NOTE TO ANYONE OUT THERE WHO WANTS ME TO MAKE ANYTHING FOR THEM: I now require more than a month to make anything as complex as designing and constructing a wedding dress. Thankyou.

And the hair… My Hair is red. A good red. A happy, bright, not orange like the first attempt made on friday, red.

 Fin    2004-08-27 09:26:13 ET
I should have never tried to design and construct a wedding dress in only one month. The dress, much to my relief, is done.
Tonight's celebration will include the bottle of champane brought back from my sister's wedding and some red hair dye. There weill be much rejoicing.

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