cuz its hot    2002-09-16 08:36:34 ET
back from the windy city. had loads of fun, but it was heartbreaking to leave. the weekend following my return was fun as hell...tom showed up unexpectedly from texas so we had a good ole fashioned mega chill. which culminated when we ended up at my place for consumption of controlled substances. then i made the mistake of going clubbing afterwards...consumed more shit and don't have a clue what i did there or even who i talked to. the whole night is a blur. another week begins. next trip: syracuse, i think. i'm starting to have a fundage problem with all these damn trips. anyone care to spot me a couple of g's? har har

 weekend report    2002-09-09 09:55:42 ET
friday: funhouse
saturday: batcave
drunk both nights
going to chicago on wed. ruturning friday
going to new orleans for halloween
work sucks as usual
end transmission

 travelling    2002-09-05 11:26:06 ET
hey all, here's my first post on this site. like to give a shout out to my girls insomnia and death by design. not much to report. i'll be in chicago late next week to visit a friend. other than that, biz as usual. i will be out at buttcave so maybe i'll run into some peeps there.


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