father forgive    2002-10-14 05:59:01 ET
the weekend started interestingly, i suppose. friday night, after work..went to this bar called antarctica on hudson street. proceeded to get hammered. then made the mistake of NOT going home. instead went to funhouse and got even more smashed. one of those nights...i have no idea how i got home. saturday, i lay in bed all day nursing a wretched hangover. the crawl out to buttcave. it was a mediocre night at best. nothing good to say about it. except that i saw user furax just randomly chillin. get home around 5:30 am. rack. then sunday night rolls around. promised a dinner with the batcave crew for melissa's birthday. had piccolo angelos on hudson and jane. good food but a bit pricey. came home around midnight. did some work i had to bring home. and thats what i am doing now. monday sitting at home doing work. it could be worse. i could be at work. ugh

 wasted    2002-10-10 12:27:50 ET
after reading a significant portion of the biography of lincoln, i have reaffirmed a couple of thoughts which are recurring themes in my mind. first, we as americans have lost the ability to be eloquent of thought and words. i fear with every generation, this country gets dumber and more ignorant. just look at who is president now! i long for the days when politics mattered, when there were principles worth standing for, when people got involved and cared for the future. look at us now. despondant, uninformed, apathetic, lazy and selfish. secondly, i had not realized how close this nation was to being a slave-owning state IN ITS ENTIRETY! what a frightening and bizaare thought! it scared me. and yet, we have these types of bigots in positions of power. i am thankful for our rights but saddened that we have done so little with them.

 with malice toward none    2002-10-09 09:54:07 ET
watched two parts of ken burn's "the civil war" last night. i felt so bad that i am too broke to give to the station. i don't often watch PBS or tv in general, but i feel it is a worthy cause. just another thing to do when i'm rich one day. ha. anyway, i got sucked in becasue i am a sucker for documentaries, and it just so happen to coincide with the book i am currently reading. 'with malice toward none' a biography of abraham lincoln.

hm, opened up reason and just stared at it for about an hour before closing it again. i HATE step recording everything...it makes it so techinical and UN-fun.

also called my mom about going to visit the family this coming monday. havent seen them in awhile so it's time pay my dues, i guess.

 quiz    2002-10-07 09:54:53 ET

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 silver century    2002-10-07 05:34:32 ET
the much anticipated seabound show was surprising in a couple of ways. first off, stromkern were really good live! i had heard a couple of recorded tracks and was not too impressed. but live, they had a good amount of energy, probably because of their live drummer. seabound was a disappointment. they were ok...but had half the energy of stromkern. i actually walked away when they were into their new order cover.

hung out with death by design in the early part of the evening, saw biomechanic very briefly. saw a BUNCH of peeps i hadn't seen in awhile. it was a fantastic evening overall. did plenty of dancing. there was the usual club drama at the end which i want no part of, ever. but i hung around this one group cause the girl had a panic attack. she was in pretty bad shape. so i stayed until she was calm enough to get into her friends car. which meant that i missed my ride home with joe. that sucked.

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