as if anyone cares    2002-10-29 09:39:08 ET
i'll be going to new orleans tomorrow. returning sunday. which means i will be missing the hocico/haujobb/terrorfakt event this saturday. another in a growing list of events i will be missing. feh. i'll be thinking of everyone while i drink myself into a stupor every day and every night. peace!

 devil with the green eyes    2002-10-26 13:33:07 ET
what a week. meetings, freelance, birthdays. hectic. DBD's bday was fun. stopped in for a bit. yesterday was ellie's birthday. threw a surprise party for her at melissa's. cant keep up with all the work. on the verge of full blown panic. going to new orleans on wednesday. i welcome the diversion...but worry about falling behind on my freelance jobs. what a boring post! well, not much to report, i guess. gotta get back to work. it aint gonna do itself.

 busy as fuck    2002-10-22 05:45:03 ET
my hell continues. anyhoo i havent had much time to post or comment due to the restrictions of on my time. i hope for relief soon. but i know that i am going to be busy for quite some time. damn. anyway, saturday at batcave was fun. an average night for me. sunday at the parents was good. good food, family stuff. now gotta get back to the salt mines. feh.

 every day is halloween    2002-10-19 14:09:56 ET
work work and yet more work. when it rains, it pours. i cant take it anymore. in spite of my better judgement, i will be going out tonight. i need fun! working 7 days in a row is not fun. will probably meet up with death by design at buttcave later. only because i was a good boy and finished the majority of my work by slaving away from the crack-ass of dawn. well not really, but 11am. thats pretty early for me on a saturday. downloaded som absurd mind. not bad. sounds similar to project pitchfork and if there are any of the same members, i wouldn't be surprised. also: aesthetic perfection is pretty good. trancey music but with death vocals. odd, but good. been on a weird fear factory kick recently. i used to ridicule these guys...but digimortal is pretty good! well, if you dont mind nu-metal posturing. but hey, i can keep an open mind. ;P

 links 2 3 4    2002-10-17 06:04:10 ET
work work work. that is all that is in my future for the next 2 weeks. well at least that will make my time in new orleans feel like a true vacation. working for DK again, both in marketing and editorial. they are kinda overlapping so i'll have to do work at home. this does not make me happy. the only payoff, of course being the fat check i hope to recieve.

music stuff: so assemblage 23 will NOT be coming to new york. this disappoints me. HA! anyway, they claim the new york crowd is not 'enthusiastic' enough for them to play here. WTF! well, kiss my ass!

also...some popular/non-industrial music that i like: everlast, weezer, linkin park, morcheeba, delerium, conjure one, the cult, garbage, underworld

speaking of which, i am again disappointed that i am missing underworld. they are 'playing' this friday at hammerstein ballroom, i believe. too much work!

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