i am complete    2002-11-15 11:24:33 ET
rocc0 added me as his LJ friend! i am so excited! i can die happy now.

 got rocc0?    2002-11-15 08:44:58 ET

the latest in the adventures of our favorite pr0n star

 prometheus    2002-11-14 14:55:41 ET
waiting for more work to arrive. i cant wait for this week to be over. then im going to rock it hardcore this weekend. been listening to covenant alot recently. i like. oops. gotta go put the laundry in the dryer.

o yea...almost done with 'to kill a mockingbird'. good book.

 ok amp-let me out    2002-11-12 17:56:19 ET
will someone please come to my house and knock me unconcious? i have had it it with work. ive been doin freelance all night. my back aches, my neck aches. i want a cigarette, i wanna bust some heads. to make a long story short, i dont wanna work anymore!!!!!! but i must. no one is gonna do it for me. and since it is only due TOMORROW, why i better get to it and stop wasting time postin.

j@rv ftp'd the new symbiotic track to me last night. it sounds really hot. probably too much in the apop/vnv vein for all of you hard-ass sk.netters..but i think it'll be a good song in the end. need lyrics.

it was a beautiful day today. gloomy, rainy, windy. got soaked on the way home. wet to the point where you just dont give a shit anymore about being wet.

thinkin about a mini sk.net meet at my place one saturday night to pregame for batcave. drugs and alcohal. cheese and crackers. over and out.

 dream on    2002-11-11 06:29:23 ET
weekend: good, no....pretty good. no...excellent. reason 1. recovered from being ill. 2. marked one week of no cigarettes. 3. didn't do a scrap of work, all relaxing. 4. saw a bunch of sk.netters at batcave. too many to list. had a fun time. i'm the only one in the sk.net group who has any fun at that place, btw. i think that is wierd. slept all day sunday. sleep is good.

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