bleeding the last emotion    2002-12-01 12:24:09 ET
too lazy to rehash my weekend. will copy and paste from LJ with some edits.

went out to visit matt, renee and little phoebe in NJ. had some tasty dinner and played board games afterwards. jarv came to pick me up. we ended up at joe's house where i drank some everclear. got toasty but not drunk. we all crashed around 6am after watching full metal jacket and terminator 2.

next day we wake up and hit the diner. cant go to jersey without hitting a diner. we then proceed to jarv's where we cut some vocals for the new song which i am calling 'last emotion'. worked on programming another song which dosnt have a name yet. but it is pretty much old school neuroplague sounding. i am very happy with symbiotic so far. then i head into batcave. catch the end of tapping the vein. they are always good live. danced like a fiend. i had a good amount of fun. it was good to see anna up from texas. hey girl! also many many others were there, too many to roll call.

its depressing to see the sun go down only an hour after you get up.

 MIA    2002-11-29 08:32:08 ET
im off to jersey. dinner at the collins residence, then off to jarv's to work on symbiotic. i'll probably hit up qxt's this friday. should be back saturday late or sometime sunday. everyone have a smooth weekend. over and out.

 distended    2002-11-28 12:33:02 ET
happy thanksgiving everyone

i am thankful to be alive and healthy
i am thankful for my friends and family
i am thankful that i have no serious problems in my life

also: i wish to be exempt from christmas this year. if you feel you need to get me anything, please contribute to the phoebe frances collins college fund instead.


 another day, another dollar    2002-11-26 17:49:05 ET
work was a bitch today. chrissie called just as i was leaving..talked me into dinner at dojos. walked around with her for a bit. came home to finish up some work. then to start me next project. rah rah rah. it just never ends. holidays depress me, i think. its got no genuine feeling anymore, its just too commercial for me. holidays make me ill.

 L[C]    2002-11-24 17:18:56 ET
as many peeps have already reported, the life [c]ried show was kick ass. the place was packed for them. i saw many peeps i havent seen in awhile. did some dancing, had some drinks, chatted, enjoyed the LC set. left around 1:30...thats when jarv was leaving and i wanted to catch a ride back to the PATH. rode back with storm. then hit batcave. drank more and generally had a good time. i woke up mad early...probably cause of all the red bull in my system.

oh got drunk friday as well. saw some sk.netters at funhouse. had good times.

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