saturday night fever    2002-12-09 06:58:30 ET
i had a sudden insight in the shower this morning. my fear of relationships manifests in bizaare ways. for example: i met an attractive young lady from the detroit area at batcave on saturday and within 2 minutes of being introduced to her, i had her phone number. rewind my life 8 months. i met a similar young lady from ohio and the same thing happened. i examined my club life in the time in between. i must have met dozens of young attractive ladies from the ny/nj area. how many numbers? zero. how can i only be interested in women that i have no chance at a stable relationship with? this is destructive behaviour! i need to get a grip and stop being a chickenshit. thanks to everyone who had nice comments about my new gallery. hearts to all of you!

 new pics    2002-12-08 07:10:08 ET
hello all. finally got my ass around to posting pics. please understand that i am not photogenic! i wish i were, but i am not. anyway, winterfae and i had indian and coffee. i dropped her off at the bus stop, then rushed home to change and get krista's CD. had mucho fun last night. danced a lot. must have lost 10 lbs in sweat. gotta design a holiday card today for hydra. and generally take it weekend was hectic. i hope everyone enjoys the photoshop face-paint this time!

 drowning in the tears of always    2002-12-06 23:41:23 ET
i am drunk yet again. but the good news is...i got my divorce papers today! i am a free man! w00t! went to the mountain...then funhouse...hung out with chrissie most of the night. danced a lot at funhouse. good stuffs. gotta go rack...gotta wake up to meet user winterfae. goodnight all.

 i ask myself, was i content?    2002-12-04 21:43:23 ET
so no new pics of me tonight. i know everyone is SO disappointed. anyway, went to taisho yakitori after work..met up with matt, vince and lisa. had some bad-ass japanese food. then went across the street and had beers with matt and colin. good times.

worked on the adult novelties all day. for those of you who don't know...i work with vibrators, dildos, blow up dolls, anal probes...etc. ALOT. i'd say 1 week out of 4.

new rocc0 is up...too lazy to put link up. you all know where its at. sounds more and more like a joke. i hope to goodness that it is.

i might show up at pyramid thursday. chances go up for every sk.netter who comfirms an appearance.

i had a lot more to say...but am having a hard time remembering. probably because i am drunk. more later. goodnight everyone.

 frozen sky    2002-12-03 11:56:59 ET
need haircut. will go after i get out of here. its mighty chilly out there campers. stay warm. i was shivering in my bed this morning. need to wear more clothes to bed. or get me a nice bed-warmer. hehe.

mostly done with my powerpoint presentation. its annoying that i am so close to being finished, yet have to sit at home waiting for the few final files. (killing the evening)

hung out with peeps last night; bar food, beer, cards and powerpoint. yeehaw. had a cigarrette last night. bad idea. felt kinda sick from it...which i guess is a good sign. couldnt sleep.

what a boring post. i'll try to be more exciting in the future. toodles.

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