if you dont believe in the existance of evil...    2002-12-22 10:02:59 ET
its like spring outside! WTF!

friday: after work, headed out to the mountain, hung out with various peeps...mostly went to see DEE a friend from way back who is back in town from nevada. also talked a bit with tony who just got dfrom a trip to europe. lucky bastard. chrissie dropped by. i dropped her off at funhouse while i met the sk.net crew on the street by the PATH. we roll up into Q's. i was surprised to see many peeps...mostly the old EK crew (tom, jarv, kaliss) and even JEN! wow, it felt like i knew everyone there. cool. crashed at STORMS motel. touched bio's man boob. not a satisfying grab...like half a handful. i want more! came home and did some laundry. made it out to see TTT. awesome! they diverged from the book even more this time, but it was well done. lord of the TASTE. now have scads of work to do by tomorrow. blah.

 and i got your kiss -still- burning on my lips    2002-12-20 08:29:32 ET
dinner with sk.net krew at tasty chinese place. cant remember the name right this second. the dinner was by far the best part of the evening. i should have enjoyed and left. lured into TTT party at zenwarp. in the immortal wprd of bio=FARCE! total waste of bling and sleep time. who charges $8 bucks for domestic beer? that aside, the music for the most part was WACK. the crowd was WACK. the only cool peeps in the whole joint was my beloved sk.net krew. GO SK.NET <3

more adventures tonight at QXT's. after dinner with peeps from out of town.

 each day shall end as it begins    2002-12-19 09:13:36 ET
more work shit. email from boss: scrap everything you did yesterday. redo it. ARG! i am uber annoyed. it will be a miracle if i make the sk.net dinner chill. and zenwarp is completely out of the question. not to mention the piles of laundry which are screaming for release. and paid my bank account in bills last night. ouch! wtf! the gas bill was outrageous!!! bastids!

the good news is: i am feeling better today. though that nyquil hangover is hard to shake. i just couldnt get up! i better stop taking it unless i can really sleep in and not worry about it. that means friday at QXT's is looking good. oops, i also have dinner plans...better keep that in mind.

 whispers in the dark    2002-12-18 13:09:36 ET
i feel like i have been beat about the neck and shoulders. stress! been running on fumes all day. havent eaten lunch yet. still woozy from the nyquil i took last night. just rushed out 3 books and 4 covers. and now i gotta get down on the dickens biography (whole lotta fun there!). blah i say! all this and i havent seen lord of the taste yet! i hope to feel better for friday. at this rate, i am going to run myself into the ground. arg. so....hungry.....

 you know by now, it takes a lot to see me hurt    2002-12-17 10:53:07 ET
nyquil is some powerful stuff. i felt so woozy this morning. again it was freezing in my bedroom. had to get up in the middle of the night and put on my hoodie! my 'tape a garbage bag on top of the AC vent' strategy is not going as well as i had hoped. i have a lot of projects due for hydra this week. the UK is chomping at the bit for me to send them files. except i have none! they are all with other people and now i am at their collective mercy. this is why i dont like working with others! and my own boss is sabatoging my efforts! ive sent him 5 jackets to approve today alone and no response! wtf! does he want them done or not? eh, work stress...im sure no one wants to hear about it. just needed to vent a bit.

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