how far you've fallen    2003-01-02 07:19:45 ET
so bio and sickbox have described the night pretty well. i will not re-hash. i will add that the party was very fun and that i got to meet axo n morgan from the west coast and marshall from the east coast. also other west coast types but i cant remember their names for the life of me. good music, good snacks, tasty drinks, good company. spin the bottle was way fun! i've never played before but now i can say that i have. the three-way makeout rule was a cool twist. anyway, i escaped without ever having to nog bio so i feel i dodged a huge bullet there ;P

i spent new years day at my parents. lots of food and laying around. then home to relax and watch bad movies on tv. 2003 will be the year of symbiotic! unf

 i am your timekiller    2002-12-30 07:07:27 ET
since my last post: friday night was the mega-chill at the mountain. good company, good drinks...i got fucked up. came home very late/early and slept saturday away. then downtime at night. i was glad to see krew out in full force. it was surprising, but in a good way =) i <3 peeps. the night was a blur...drugs and alcohal will do that to a body. but i do remember having scads of fun. discovered that some of the house parties i promised to attend are way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere...might have to pass on those. but i will be at insomnia house for sure.

btw: thanks for everyone who had nice things to say about symbiotic. hearts to all of you.

 sometimes i am machine, sometimes i am a man    2002-12-27 08:26:35 ET

click on the link above to hear a couple of rough mixes of my new project. remember, they are NOT FINAL! they need a lot of work, but you'll get the basic idea.

shout outs to my man slaad for providing the ftp site! for anyone who doesnt know, slaad rules. now take a listen!

almost forgot another shout out: lyrics on 'last emotion' courtesy of user x10. [with minor edits]

btw: a million friend points for anyone who can guess the song from which i have taken my journal entry title.

 cant you see me getting colder?    2002-12-26 09:04:25 ET
went to my parents for xmas day with roomate aaron in tow. had food. watched my bro's spider-man dvd. got home just in front of the snow. what a nasty snowfall, all windy and cold. the midnight walk to the deli was beautiful, though. quiet, icy and contemplative. there's something beautiful about branches encased in ice, undisturbed snow and being the only one out on the street. must make my invoice for hydra. </bling>

 festivus for the rest of us    2002-12-23 07:31:50 ET
happy holidays everyone. i hope you didnt go too much into debt this season. ;P my plan to avoid the season worked perfectly. advanced warning helps of course. as far as i know, only one person got me a gift. thats a huge success, folks. and i will most likely give cash to my parents as they need that the most right now.

a few things i have been liking recently: anything by in strict confidence. they are underrated. 'blunt force trauma' by aslan faction. why isnt this a club hit? northern light [covenant]=good album. not flashy, just solid. 'love breeds suicide' by suicide commando. also: for my futurepop fix: assemblage 23. especially the echo image remix of document. sue me. ;P

spent 6 hours working on freelance yesterday. i'm glad i got most of it done. now to close the deal. i feel at peace with the world right now. coming to terms with my place. as i get older, i realize more and more that i dont know anything. reality is a consensual hallucination. there is a seperate and distinct one for every person. mostly, they overlap...but sometimes not. and that is the spice of life.


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