document    2002-11-08 12:55:58 ET
some new shit that ive heard recently:

covenant [northern light]
i thought it a bit strange at first but gets better with progressive listens. edging towards dark depeche mode with phat analog synths. warning: a lot of vocoder...this may be good or bad, considering your tastes. overall, a solid consistant effort. you'll find no dead stars here.

assemblage 23 single [document]
the origional is pretty good...the good ole A23 dance hit cookie cutter machine is still online. remixes of note: echo image: synthpop-tized with the obligatory female backing vocals in the chorus. icon of coil: uber dancified...similar to what they did for vnv genesis but not as hard. more moody feel, but that could just be the song. [dataseed]
pretty promising from what i have heard so far. caught their live show while in nawlins. not bad live either. i give these guys my full support. standout tracks=zionsank, thin ice, brittle

 millennium    2002-11-08 07:23:33 ET
feel much better today. the prospects of me going out tomorrow are rising! its actually a beautiful day...but paranoid me overdressed for warmth. so something or other is going down at buttcave tomorrow. don't know what, exactly. but i am starting to get cabin fever, being cooped up in my apartment with nothing but work to keep me company. i need to get out and have some fun! cigarrette free for almost a week! rock on!

 love breeds suicide    2002-11-07 06:51:06 ET
stuck at home again. my flu or whatever has moved from my head into my chest. i feel a pressure there and have been coughing. pretty painful. i at least have my freelance work to keep me company. horrah for that. ug, hungry. anyone care to bring me some soup?

 i see you praying    2002-11-05 12:42:25 ET
spent the day feeling doped up. (took a double shot of nyquil last night) took a half day at work. i want a cig so bad. but i officially quit on saturday. now i have more work to do here at home. joy. all i wanna do is lay down and sleep. crappy crap. and someone ate all my chex mix. bastards!!!!

 just one more time, for the sake of sanity    2002-11-04 08:21:05 ET
hey everybody! back from new orleans as of yesterday. got sick on saturday which kind of sucked. now i'm back in the lovely new york weather. just perfect for someone who has the flu. the trip was fun, was pretty drunk almost every night (except for the one i was sick) went to see on friday night. also god module played. missed negative format and cruxshadows because i was sick (on sat). hung out with my friends from new york and my buddy who lives down there, mostly. ran into some people i knew from new york pretty randomly. clapis from bitter grace who payed friday night. also anna who used to rock batcave. we hung out friday night. that was probably the night i was the most inebriated. anyway, i skipped work because i am still sick! bleh. i need someone to come over and take care of me. i'm too tired even to run to the store for nyquil! feh, i guess later on i will go. but right now it is raining ice cold water.

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